How to Fix Lag & Increase Performance in Fortnite Battle Royale -

How to Fix Lag & Increase Performance in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Is lag stopping you from getting you that Victory Royale in Fortnite? Watch how you can dominate lag with the latest firmware update on the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router by NETGEAR, powered by DumaOS.

With the latest update to the NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router and the Netduma R1 Router, you can guarantee that you’ll be playing on the server closest to home, block laggy servers, and use advanced QoS to prevent network congestion. The Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router by NETGEAR is now optimized for Fortnite, PUBG, and other games using AWS or Azure-dedicated servers.

To update your Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router, click “Flush Cloud” in the Geo-Filter Map and it will automatically download the latest cloud update. Then go to a different R-App and then go back to the Geo-Filter. Then add your PC or console to the top of the Geo-Filter. If you are playing on PC, choose the Unreal Engine service. Consoles should automatically choose the right service.

Dominate lag and gain the #PowerToWin with the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router. Your Victory Royales will thank you later.

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  1. I have 120 ping but I'm laging worse than 120ms haw

  2. Idk about y’all. But using these settings makes my ping worse. Lmao. Good router but not the best geofilter.

  3. Fortnite has got to the point that Netgear is making a video about it 🤦‍♂️

  4. Netgear, good job using Fortnite for one of your videos to urge people to stop buying V-Bucks and get a new Router

  5. 1. Why is the setting for Fortnite restricted to spectate only? I keep getting connected to shit US peers.
    2. The whole app stops working and needs a restart frequently

  6. It would be cool for me to test out your new XR500 gaming router I really need it I lag sooooo much my e mail is

  7. im using netgear xr 500.i put europe servers and geo filter to all. europe. cant even play a single game

  8. you making me buy stuff of yours to lover your ping. Nice Try

  9. My ping is like 90-130 it doesn't lag but from today it just doesn't stop lagging and ping isn't even rising.

  10. do i need a modem for this router if i want to connect it to several different devices in my room

  11. Hey I play Xbox and I get connection timeout all the time can you help me find a solution

  12. Netgear is probably the best router/internet company

  13. lol i love fortnite servers giving me lag when my connection has always been the same before i lagged

  14. my computer can run gta 5 max settings at around 80 fps, but fortnite can barley frun at 15 fps

  15. Looool I'm in South Africa so the lowest I can play at is 200ms, while paying an arm and a leg for a falsely promised 4meg connection :/

  16. fuck you my ping was good at 30 fuck all u assholes fuck u fuck df0hghg8fdrhfddd0h0ddfduoifds9-s09a0si98398h0h9fdsnds ITS SO FUCKING ANNOYING I GET SHIT DOWNLOAD 45MPS IN MY ROOM 2 MPS

  17. just purchased this router liked and subscribed

  18. Love how you don't show your ping in the game clips.

  19. Didn’t work for me I still get over 100 ping with ethernet HELP

  20. I play on a 2080ti I have no issues in other games or benchmarks but in fortnite it just dies

  21. This router is bullshit dont buy it get the R700 from netgear or asus with adaptive qos or something with SQM like openwrt. This netduma crap sucks I've tested and it sucks there's no point to it. Its just marketing. You're welcome.

  22. Are all netgear gaming routers good for fortnite

  23. Pls help I've purchased a RX300 i live in England I've put my servers in Europe And My location of the router in london but im still lagging

  24. jesus this is by far one of the most stupid videos i've ever seen

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