How I Play Solo in Battle Royale Games -

How I Play Solo in Battle Royale Games

The Average Sniper
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  1. hi there i need some help with my xbox 360 so my issue is now i play call of duty mobile battle royale on my phone but i want to play on my xbox 360 any idea which disc is same like on my phone ????? help !!!!!!

  2. First, now let me play pubg with you average. 😂😂😂😂

  3. Fuck thought it was another pubg video.😂

  4. Me getting 20 kills solo me getting 2 kills Dou 10/10

  5. You're just gonna need to drive around and kill some by ramming them with a vehicle

  6. why do you take multiple loadout drops Like one drop gets you the weapons of your choiceand at the end you pick the same guns you when you picked your first loadout drop Is it worth it? whats the benefir?

  7. Well if my unskilled thumbs write this quick enough I might be no.5 on the comments . I was due to be 2nd then got distracted . Don’t know if you’ve noticed the coincidence but I believe this is another 10 kill win on a BR in consecutive days I believe . That last kill was close but the BR Gods were on your side . Very sweet win . GG

  8. what’s your panic warzone class that you pick up at 7:54. how does it get you more ammo? does the grau have scavenger on it or something i wonder

  9. Holy shit nice!!! GG! Dropshot for the wiiiinnnnnnn

  10. That moment when dave realized that drop shot is OP in some way..

  11. ah man I can exactly copy your gamestyle and I have copied several times it turns out well, but the problem is that you have a very good aim and I am trash at aiming.

  12. Gr8, you know where to dropshot where to not I always do it at the wrong time and I get to that place which I invented(The Gulag)
    Good Comrade

  13. What is the tripod thing placed over the hood of the ATV at 1:23?

  14. Like a beast is how you play solos. Or duos. Or squads.

  15. New video from Batman…. i mean Average sniper.

  16. I am not a fan of marksman and snipers in the gulog AT ALL. Knives fists are just fine Thou

  17. Probably a good thing you didn't have a gas mask…the mask action probably would had gotten you killed for a sloppy second place finish

  18. Another awesome video! Keep 'em coming brother

  19. I set a M4 class like my Warzone hero "Dave" could you advise what attachments you're running. And do you prefer M4 over the Grau and M13 ? Or depends on mood/ squad or solo play?

  20. On another note, I've noticed that the splash damage from C4 may be way too large. Ive been killed by C4 from literally the other side of the street while driving. I even watched the replay and I was clearly on the opposite side of the street from where the C4 landed. Heck this one time I was playing duos and I was in a chopper and the C4 exploded me and only wounded my partner(which was closer to the C4 than me in the chapper) Thoughts on that?

  21. man u r just a master of battleroyal games 😎

  22. my setup just misses a gaming mouse and a great gpu

  23. He's the best around! Nobody gonna bring him down!! Cuz he's duh best!

  24. I’m going to play warzone double xp for 4 days so I can grind to get cr-56 amax and I’m taking a break from apex so I can grind warzone too 😀 and good vid and I been watching your channel since 2019 and warzone and pubg are awesome content you uploads daily ✌️

  25. just a heads up, the new sniper rifle is a one hit body shot with the explosive bullets

  26. Ive been watching your vids since the very early pubg days always loved them keep up the good vids always pick up little tips and tricks watcing your vids keep it up loving the amount of content lately 🙂

  27. Hey hey average can you explain your Panic class Loadout drop

  28. TLDW: duck, dive, dip, and drop shot! pepper it with a trophy system and viola! "seems so simple. I'm gonna go get 20 wins RIGHT NOW!" -Everybody

  29. I remember watching you back in the Battlefield Hardline days 😝

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