How Did Battle Royale Games Take Over The World? -

How Did Battle Royale Games Take Over The World?

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The battle royale game archetype has taken the world by storm with the leading title in the genre, Fortnite, breaking record after record, pulling him an enormous player base and dominating in online viewership numbers.

The genre has become so popular and saturated to a point that the video game industry has reached an oversaturation of battle royale titles and developers rush to push out a production, capture market share and cash in on this craze.

But how did we end up here? In today’s video, we trace back the origins of the battle royale genre and track its evolution from a humble mod into the industry titan that we’ve come to know in less than 2 years.

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  1. I think war zone might be the best

  2. Like if you think COD Warzone is the best Battle royale

  3. And Warzone doesn’t even exist back when this video was released

  4. The music in the background is so good while he explains the games

  5. Boy did people think 3 million concurrent players was a lot, little did they know

  6. “It ran smoothly on every platform”

    Switch: that’s a lie

  7. Ayyy we got survival games in a battle Royale video

  8. I will say. Apex legends has always and probably will always be my favorite battle royale

  9. Grand battle Royale is my favorite game GBR is better than PUBG for me you guys?

  10. Story Driven Games are so much better then this trash


  12. Im glad dayz and arma 2 where here those where the games i grew up with

  13. I actually dislike battle royal games I prefer open world

  14. Im kinda sad that cusine royal wasent mentiond once

  15. 22:28 i’m doing research for my video on this topic and i was going to use the exact same line lmao

  16. I've played fortnite a few times it was actually had fun playing it. I got brainwashed by all the ppl saying its shit. But literally the same happen to minecraft a few years ago when it got popular by little kids. Anyways fortnite wasn't bad when i started playing it it isn't that bad today. I don't play as recent as i did back then but its still fun to play once a few times. The game isn't even that bad as ppl say it. I don't know why ppl hate on things just because its popular with kids, Kids just want to have fun. There's even memes about some redditors doing something after bullying a kid to death for playing a game that's 'cringy'. Same thing happened to minecraft

  17. Warzone: they dont even know whats about to hit them.

  18. as i was watching this video, i heard him talking about a new contender then i heard the apex music and i swear, i screamed on the inside from happiness

  19. Who ever say the minecraft stole the battle royal formula from any battle royal game is either a 10 year old or a fetus

  20. Me still playing splatoon 2: 👁👄👁

  21. It’s like 7days to die has been forgotten.

  22. I wonder when an update for this video is happening… Warzone?

  23. I love the battle royale movie it was awesome

  24. God I remember when apex launched… I was writing a game review blog for school at that point, and when apex came out I freaked. My friend and I spent probably around 12 hours total that weekend playing it

  25. Multiplayer is still more popular than BATTLE ROYALE


  27. I gotta say, Fortnite's Season 1-3 Main Menu Music is still a beat

  28. Kinda upset that escape from tarkov wasn't mentioned but it makes sense in retrospect

  29. just commenting so the algorithm picks up this insane video

  30. The BR genre has changed everything.Look at CoD,they don't care core 6v6 Multiplayer,it is only about Warzones gunsmith.Look at new BF,it will have new BR genre and probably be free.There are no fps games until then,there a BR games and I don't even like this thing.

  31. It would be interressting if akshon esport goes a bit deeper in to rts because it was the first esport genre in the world beside of csgo

  32. 23:37 i know it was a joke but i'm gonna say it anyway.
    4 blackout
    3 fortnite
    2 pubg
    1 apex legends

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