Geoguessr Battle Royale #3 - Attempting to win 3 games in a row -

Geoguessr Battle Royale #3 – Attempting to win 3 games in a row

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  1. they dont speak greek in albania and macedonia also

  2. Is it just me that saw he played with zanny?

  3. Norway uses Æ, Ø and Å. Sweden uses Ä, Ö and Å

  4. Yesss croatia was in 3rd round and im from croatia

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  6. I love how he confidently says he’ll trim the video but never did

  7. Norwegian words rearly ends on "A", Swedish words often does

  8. Hungarian flag is red, white, green bars, Bulgarian flag is white, green, red bars.

  9. 5:28 I am Greek and that's indeed Greek words! I would bet that's Greece lmao

  10. Do you know what Australia actually looks like?

  11. We don't use the umlaut at all in Norway if that helps!

  12. "Potraviny" means food or groceries in Czech AND Slovak (the languages are very similar) but Šariš is brand of slovakian beer so it was pretty clear once you know this.

  13. Its not Norway at 14 minutes in the video because it says MUSIKEN instead of the Norwegian word MUSIKKEN

  14. Because you wondered, the Autrian Scene was in an outer district of Vienna^^ (the 21. to be precise)

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  16. "Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria… because of the fact that it's winter"
    Yes yes, the rest of the world just skips that dreadful season. 😂

  17. yellow instead of white on the traffic signs is Sweden (or Finland I guess, but this was obviously not Finland). Norway does have yellow on some traffic signs, but only on temporary signs (like, signs put up in relation to road work or whatever, thats there for a bit and taken down again) so youre unlikely to come across that, and it's a more the kind of yellow you get on high-vis clothing, if that makes sense (rather than the "warmer" yellow youd find on Swedish signs)

  18. That could never be Norwegian because it's Swedish. That's the extent of my knowledge on this topic

  19. 14:54 the reason it almost never Would have been Norwegian is the GRÖNA which is end with a instead of e (Swedish like ending words with A Norway like ending with E

  20. First time guessing a country before he did and of course it’s my home country of Slovakia 🇸🇰 😂 knew it straight away from the buildings, but if that didn’t give it away, then you have a Slovak supermarket and a sign for Slovak beer 🍻

  21. 18:00 'one of them has gone Hungary' The Bulgarian flag there like XD

  22. On your first game if you didn't guess your third guess you would of won by being last man standing as syb00 guessed wrong 3 times. Although you went on to win anyway lol

  23. and you won the second game because you guessed the right country before the last guy

  24. My favourite part is when Tom makes fun of them for guessing the total wrong continent when I know I'd be doing the same 😛

  25. “Where else did the romans conquer”

  26. About why the writing was swedish and not norwegian. You can tell from the letter ö the same letter in norwegian (and Danish) is an o with a diagonal line through it instead of the two dots above it. 😉 I know this is knitpicky but he did ask for it.

  27. If you guess Kenya and it wasn’t Kenya, it’s Uganda. I would’ve beaten you there. 🙂

  28. 7:30
    Am I the only one who doesn't see any red number plates? Someone help me out here

  29. Why the hell were there Greek cars in Albania?? 😮

  30. Sees pablo escobar
    Him: oh he looks a bit like me!

  31. Why do you pronounce the 'sia' of Indonesia and Malaysia differently?

  32. I´ll explain Estonia at least – that was cleary and purely a phenomenon commonly known as… a BRAIN FART! I´ve had several of those, lol ;D Which is why I always make sure I have two or three different clues in Country Streak now.
    Russia is the main exception, I only need license plates for that, and Mongolia would be hard without the google car because the russian side of Altai is pretty much identical.

    I still have some distance to cover regarding your skills, though – I´m really amazed about how quick you can pick some of those countries with all the certainty of a mother reckognizing her only child.. Kudos, Tom – this seems to be one of your superpowers. I´m guessing another one would be walking in a straight line while insects are gnawing at your unmentionables in a bottomless marsh.
    If you want help separating Norway and Sweden; you would never see "ö" in Norway, that is a Swedish letter. Finland has both Finnish and Swedish in some parts, so you might see it there. And in Iceland, anything goes… ;D No, you´d reckognize Iceland, I`m sure – but they have quite a few peculiar words and letters, as gaelic in Scotland and Ireland. (The Welsh are just creepy, so I don´t count those 😉 )

  33. at minute 18 he said angela brown guessed hungary but it is the bulgarian flag xD

  34. 15:30 Wow I got deja-vu with that round, was my way to school for 12 years. It's in the 21st district, Vienna by the way.

  35. Ok, so to get halfway good at this all I have to do is memorise the language, number plates and flags of every single country 🤔

  36. First time seeing Johor!Fans from Malaysia🇲🇾

  37. you got the hungery and bulgaria flag wrong 🙁 we read and write in cyrlic….. Angela should have known

  38. I live in Canada. Just for spite, I'm gonna put a Spanish flag in my front yard, just to mess you up.

  39. Tom: come on how could you guess wrong?

    Me: I can’t even tell apart Mexico and Russia…

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