FUNNIEST BATTLE ROYALE GAME EVER | Totally Accurate BattleGrounds -

FUNNIEST BATTLE ROYALE GAME EVER | Totally Accurate BattleGrounds

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It’s Totally Accurate BattleGrounds! Damien and Shayne team up for this hilarious battle royale game!

Reaching #2 in Fortnite BLINDFOLDED! ►►

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  1. ….sassy saunter seems ridiculously appropro

  2. im gonna be honest… this is a B- Fortnite

  3. bicycles are how the japanese took over singapore

  4. Anyone else realize Shane sang one of my hero academia’s openings very poorly for like two seconds

  5. 3:19
    Watching in 2019 knowing Happy Time Murders is a movie 😅 Shayne's dream came true haha

  6. 11:55 “I keep my ideal hyah hyooou”
    That’s the MHA opening oh my god 💀

  7. I watched every episode of dragon ball Z, super, and GT twice, so I love the dragon ball Z intro in the beginning.

  8. omg please do another one of these that was hilarious

  9. One beautiful side effect of the defy days is the sheer quantity of videos they made, and how poorly organized it all is. No matter what, years after I began watching smosh, I always randomly find some video I never knew existed

  10. I love the idea of a medieval cult leader and an 8-year-old American kid just dropping into a hostile battle zone together

  11. Clicked both. Directions got confusing. Burnt foot in toaster.

  12. Sometimes all you need to win is two pistols and a pocket full of Y E S.

  13. 10:00 was definitely one of the funniest moments. The tree wasn't taking any crap from no one.

  14. Bro I’m feeling down lately so I decided to watch this video and I’m not even 10 seconds in and I’m already cheered up

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