Free BATTLE ROYALE Games on Switch 2020 -

Free BATTLE ROYALE Games on Switch 2020

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Free BATTLE ROYALE Games on Switch 2020

If you love battle royale games this video is for you guys. Nintendo Switch has many games on their eshop sale but some of the games are free. These are frer battle royale games on switch available now to play free on switch. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice vid. Warframe while being a FTP game isn't a Battle Royal though. Just saying!

  2. Btw have you Played Vigor and Rogue Company? Both look fantastic and are currently due to be FTP in the future. Both have founders packs out now!

  3. I think you mean first person shooter cause In this video , only fortnite on battle royale categories

  4. Ah yes warframe and paladins are my favorite battle royals

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