Fortnite's Skill Gap Is More Complicated Than You Think... (Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8) -

Fortnite’s Skill Gap Is More Complicated Than You Think… (Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8)

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In this video today we’re gonna be discussing a pretty controversial topic, the skill gap in Fortnite. In case you’re unfamiliar with what the term “skill gap” means, it’s basically how large the difference in skill is between top players, bottom players, and every one else in-between. So for example, a game like basketball has an incredibly large skill gap. If Lebron James were to play an average guy 1000 times 1 on 1, he’d win all 1000, and not a single game would even be anywhere near close. On the other hand, a game like monopoly has a very low skill gap. And that’s due to the fact that the game is relatively simple with a ton of randomness involved. Now skill gap has pretty much always been a major topic of discussion in the Fortnite community. But due to the removal of the health and materials changes in public matches that came in update 8.20, people are talking about it now more than ever before. And believe it or not, it isn’t just as simple as saying that a large skill gap is good and a small skill gap is bad. There are a ton of factors involved with Fortnite’s skill gap, and even small changes could have massive impacts on so many important things. So, I though it’d be a cool idea to make a video that covers and breaks down the most popular opinions and arguments regarding Fortnite’s skill gap. I hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. What about practicing building in creative or playground, and fighting in team rumble where there’s respawn.

  2. "fortnite has one of the highest skill gaps of any game out there right now"

    two words: rocket league

  3. I think you have too much of a skill gap god damn bro you went off

  4. Why don’t they just make matchmaking based on K/D ration +/-1/match to make it faster.

  5. 0:52 gameplay tip: dude just take the shot, not saying it’s an easy shot but it’s definitely hit table and worth taking, you’re not giving out your position or anything

  6. Who else is watching after the pump is gone

  7. Why not just put ground game as a perma mode

  8. I mean he is right the skill gap is way to high people are just gonna get shit on when they face the average player and in result people aren’t gonna enjoy dying almost every single game and leave

  9. If they’re trying to decrease skill gap then why bring the combat shotgun with a reticle smaller than the heavy shotgun

  10. The game is fucking trash intended for 6 -10 year old

  11. nah dude not every video game.
    I play fighting games, most lose and give up, it's the exceptional that don't give up that get better as casuals leave.

  12. Not everyone wants to be a tryhard and stress about the game. I prefer to play for fun

  13. I enjoyed fortnite a lot and would like to still play but I don't have the time to dedicate my life to getting good enough to stand a chance, so if I don't stand a chance of winning or even getting a decent amount of kills there's no point in playing. I'm surprised casuals bother to play this game still. I think it's the prize money that is the only thing keeping players going in this game. Kids thinking they can get rich if they just get a little better. Unless you're a streamer or youtuber who play for a living you don't stand much chance. I've uninstalled a few weeks ago and won't look back.

  14. I still think they should have matchmaking for people with higher k/D's and wins so the sweaties can play together

  15. the counter arguments of luzu and tfue are nothing more than assumptions.
    daequan said there cannot be a skill gap without losers. his argument is based on facts (smurfing etc) and says people are seeking the skill gap.
    luzu said there are more in the bottom than on the top of the skill gap. his counter argument doesnt seem to take note of daequans argument. he just assumes people on the bottom will leave, but doesnt explain why, which is a important point. after all daequan made valid points that people want the skill gap and would not leave because of it..
    i think i dont need to write anything about the tfue quote. his argument is not supported at all anyways.
    didnt watched any further. dont know about more arguments

  16. Maybe the option to selectively matchmake with people close to your skill would appease everyone. Much as CR True64 says below in the comments. Surely the game has a large enough player base to include this, and if you don't want it, turn off the option.

  17. Remember when his dumbass said fortnite was dying? 😒

  18. Ranked was a great addition. It's pretty damn fun to go against people around your same skill level.

  19. lol. skill that died along time ago around the time you click b8ers started humping the fortnite content lmao

  20. I'm a new player started late in season 8 so yea im a noob but I miss tilted I land with all the try hards and always lose but I learn everytime I feel fortnite jus needs to remove casual play and competitive completely and go back to jus a ffa let us land and the best players globally get a special invite for a "pros" league tournament idk im new to the game so I don't know that much about it jus my 2 cents tho
    Edit…..someone come coach me go_ta_bed psn/epic

  21. I just don't see the game improving. Battleroyals shouldn't be the focus.

  22. I stopped playing for half a season and now litetally everyone in the game is a no life nerd that can build and edit like tfue n shit, im aware I suck but at least SOMETIMES there were games where i could win but fuck man everyone is a pro now lol

  23. Rocket league has a higher skill gap without a doubt

  24. What fort nite needs to do is permanently add teamdeathmatch domination capture the flag etc. And have people spawn on different closed off cities like a storm surrounding tilted towers or whatever.

  25. So basically you need to find a good balance and epic has no clue how to do that so they cater too much to casuals and does nothing for non casuals other than tournaments that have also had a dipped skill gap. Imo it wad great around season 2-3 then they started to ruin it

  26. Btw building is shit now bc people carry around stinks, rls, gls, dynamite, boom bows, miniguns, and the decrease in build health. anothrr way to lower the skill gap. Shields are too rare, lowering th skill gap. Killing people is pointless camping is what they are pushing players to do. I agree its fine to lower the skill gap so everyone doesnt quit but they lowered it wayy too much.

  27. NERF BUILDING. I have fucking god aim but all these bots can’t aim for shit but they spam build and go high as shit for no reason because they can’t fucking use a gun

  28. Lol. No joke. Bullets fly sideways to give people kills. Your first shot won’t connect even if you’re on your knee with a gold scar mid range. Build messes up in the middle of battle. Go back and watch replays. Your headshot with a sniper you know you did not miss, went right through someone’s head. That is what makes me angry when I play. My account is a year old though. On new accounts it’s better.

  29. There should always be a skill gap. I'm new to Fortnite. Playing with an iPhone 7S plus while using an Apple certified Bluetooth controller. I'm struggling to figure things out though your insights help – tons.
    I am using creative to practice shooting first then building and finally editing. Still on shooting. I love this game although I suck at it. Only been in it three weeks. Seeing the other player hand me my @$$ inspires me the work at improving so that one day… I'll hand their @$$es back. This is the sort of challenge that gets me all fired up. Fist punching, screaming at the screen, adrenaline pumping fun. Good times!

  30. Why don’t they just have arenas for absolute beginners, and as the skills go up have different arenas for different higher skilled players

  31. I started mid season 7 and near the end would get 3 wins a day. Now they changed the match making and I have trouble getting 1 a day but still try everyday to get better

  32. you keep saying this game has a big skill gap i completely disagree. ANYONE can pick up a controller and a drum gun and kill any pro. watch tfues stream hes always saying oh that guy was bad when he dies but if theirs a big skill gap then the average player should come know where near to killing tfue am i right or wrong.

  33. every online game has a gap the intimidates new players.

    I can play cod because I've been playing cod. try to hop in on any fighting games, you will get smashed, racing game you will get smashed, strategy game you will get smashed, if you're unfamiliar with those games.

    For one to say what is, and what isn't a high skill gap, one must go to unfamiliar territory and climb the mountain from noob to average. It's not easy, it never is……..

    in short, I agree with Dae, you can't protect the bots……….you just can't. even with cheap kill devices or whatever, a skilled player will be able to use that same thing better, and bots will remain bots until they either work their ass up the ranks, or stop playing.

    That said, I quit playing fortnite because it was too hard to climb the ranks…………I wouldn't say because it had a more massive skill gap than the next game because I quit playing killer instinct and street fighter as well for the same reason.

    Pokemon and Cod, only 2 online multiplayer franchises I've been above average on, I dropped pokemon because it expanded too rapidly and was a hell of a chore maintaining above average status because you have to fill your brain space with so much trivial shit and an ever drastically changing metagame. (still have fond memories of the good days on my channel in video form).

    So I'm just satisfied being an above average cod player……… this day in age, it's pretty damn hard to be above average in more than one game unless your job is to play video games or something.

  34. The skill gap is way lower than in other games like lol,csgo and overwatch

  35. grinky:skill gap is super high

    me i just started the game and can already crank 90's like smh its not that hard

    i genuenly think that passive brawlhalla has a higher gap

  36. ~Why Minecraft is coming back to popularity~

    -No training
    -No hardcore Game Fuel
    -No seriousness
    -No bloom
    -No bad updates

  37. In my opinion fortnite going to lose popularity regardless of what they do because gamers of all ages loses interest in games it’s normal but do I think fortnite will die no it’s player base is too large it has its fans but at the same time it’s hard to get new players because of the skill gap of the building that’s what’s going to really kill fortnite when it does not every wants to wast there time In creative mode doing 60s it’s way more easy just to play apex,cod,gears,halo ect to master shooting /map control but games need bots/noobs but fortnite is not noob friendly at all the only thing that is friendly is creative but even that not is good for the noobs because there leaving to play Minecraft or roadblocks

  38. Fuck…I guess I've never been below average at a video game before. This sucks 😀

  39. Hey there I'm a player from 2 years in the future and I can comfortably say that luzugames was really and I mean Really wrong

  40. Use code GronKy12 for health and mats on kills back

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