Fortnite Zero Build Gameplay Trailer - No Build Battle Royale -

Fortnite Zero Build Gameplay Trailer – No Build Battle Royale

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Continue the no build action in the new Fortnite Zero Build:

Show off your sharp shooting, sharp thinking, and sharp sense of space as you take on the battle full-tilt! As a defense in the absence of builds, players have the recharging Overshield in Zero Build.

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  1. Bring the game back in iPhone and tablet.

  2. What are the odds of this stuff happening in zero build


    This game mode is sooooooo good. I stopped playing because of the spam building but recently came back to try the no build and absolutley love it. Now people that love building modes can play them and the people that love just straight battle royale action can have their fun too. Good move making this a permanent mode.

  4. Lol, all of a sudden people are just playing a normal, mediocre shooter when there are so many better ones. Building was the entire reason Fortnite became popular in the first place lol

  5. I wanna play Zero Build in Arena mode! I want to know my rank so you can at least rank me! Please!!!🙏

  6. I'm gifting a skin to 1 random sub when I hit 1k 🥳

  7. What a brilliant idea! Just remove the game's defining mechanic!

  8. The community might be bad but the developers really care about their community

  9. an actual reason to play fortnite now but I stopped gaming. still cool tho I hope it does really well

  10. There are to many sweets on building g I have got over 500 victory with zero build

  11. Kinda thought that the person singing sounded like Namjoon

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  13. i need the names of the 2 redheads please? i need to look them up for uh…….interigation reasons

  14. Yo wtf is up with these ads. Youtube is crazy. I'm not watch 2mins of ads everytime

  15. He g as he a G e he did Fred s as
    ususufhh oh stuff I put it ty

  16. It’s like Star Wars battlefront 👏👏👏


  18. Jesus loves you all, have a blessed day or night. May His peace be with you. ❤️

  19. Hope is a perm mode and they learn from their brother realm royale , being able to climb through windows and be able to drop from plane straight to the ground with or without glider would be amazing 🙂

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