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Fortnite. Apex. PUBG. Call of Duty. That weird kind of lame 80s one… Who will survive until last and win the ultimate Battle Royale Rumble?!

Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Kirk McKeand
Art Direction & Animation production a creative service by Venturia Animation Studios
Sound Design & Edit by Jason Dewey
Music by Alex Walker Smith
ADR by Jason Dewey, Alex Walker Smith & Tom Jenkins
Additional material by Liam McKeown

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Mashed end theme by: Liam Tate
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  1. Since when does robots have blood 3.40

  2. Yo Amagon if Minecraft came in the end from no where XD

  3. 2:10 so he puts down a zipline in battle and into a burning house … clearly the best Pathfinder

  4. everyone:kill kill kill

    bloothound with gold peacekeeper

    The HunT BeGiNZ

  5. Where are the subtitles? I don't understand anything!

  6. Demonic Toga Afton Cipher Stardust Dreemur says:

    Tetris 99 wins

  7. why is there blood for pathfinder his a robot🤦‍♂️.

  8. 2:32 you probably didn’t know but the birds name is Arthur

  9. Bruh the bit where the default gets squashed by bangalore's ult was the best

  10. Tomato guy when he killed the bush:🧎🚶‍♂️🧎🚶‍♂️🧎🚶‍♂️🧎🚶‍♂️🧎

  11. My friend masons dad is Kirk mckeand He is a games journalist and has 203K Followers on Twitter. He has written the script for this video. 🙂

  12. In America: Apex wins over all
    In Soviet Russia: Fortnite wins

  13. Why are the ears of Bangalore so ugly

  14. fun fact; bloodhound s bird is actually arthur

  15. The ending just goes to show that the best battle royal is… TETRIS 99 BABE!!!!!

  16. Who is the ULTIMATE BATTLE ROYALE ROYALE winner???

    Comment below and tell us your opinion in a calm and measured why is everything on fire?

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