Fortnite makes no sense... -

Fortnite makes no sense…

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Fortnite needs to fix their math xD
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  1. The numbers are probably getting rounded off so the player would still be alive.

  2. Fortnite wants to give you a last ditch effort

  3. Decibles are taken into consideration, the numbers just round up

  4. Fortnite aint letting no one get disrespected like that

  5. Oh yeah so i looked into fortnites code each person has 200 health but if the damage you do is exactly 200 they gain 1 tempo hp basically putting you in a state of fear so you think your good because you are still alive( sorry for being a code nerd)

  6. Zero build be like:🤔should we add 50 more hp?💀

  7. Its on purpose idk much about it but i do know that it is because it gives them a chance to clutch the fight on 1 hp

  8. While I'm wondering why it doesn't one shot you if u get shot by a SHOTGUN at POINT BLANK RANGE in the Head

  9. when math isn't mathing☠️💀

  10. are you forgetting that shields are designed to absorb damage literally?

  11. Bro cuz of regen if you do it fast enough it works

  12. Theres a shield so there's an extra 100 health and separate health bars each health bar represents 100 health when a health bar depletes the damage transfers into the other health bar since theres a hundred shield when it depletes it turns to zero and in coding the interval of zero is one which explains the extra one health despite the UI displaying 200 equal damage

  13. Is it the only me that saw where he shot with the second gun?😂

  14. Bro used a pickaxe and the other one used a sword do you guys get it now?

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