Fortnite Item Shop Update WALKING DEAD SET IS BACK! (Fortnite Battle Royale) -

Fortnite Item Shop Update WALKING DEAD SET IS BACK! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Aight, I’m back to sleep.

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  1. Yes I do this item shop ass and you know it

  2. But if it was Travis or marshmallow people would go crazy

  3. Kinda thought we’d get a whole DC shop with the reset. Disappointed myself.

  4. and whos gonnna buy that dumb bundle? The skins are boring and trash.


  6. Getting Famous off the comments day 3, so I can be livin' the dream later 🗺️

  7. The most lame update for item shop like its not even new skin like if it was it would be different story but lame ass hell like this could of just been a normal item shop time a d only have other stuff new for the update and not the shop

  8. Should I cop when I get home from work ? Still running beast boy ATM.

  9. They keep updating the shop when its not worth it

  10. Getting Famous off the comments day 60, So I can be livin' the dream later 💅

  11. Lol well we know what the next commentary is gonna be about 😂

  12. They brought back the Walking Dead stuff. Cool. Why did they bring it back? A creative map.


  13. Lol i just spent my vbucks on moguel master

  14. the dude is so rich he buys the entire item shop that comes out every day

  15. Again why early for this 🤣🤣 cmon Epic!
    After the past 2 early restarts NEVER be hyped for it.

  16. I thought those skins were going to be rare but naah Fortnite has to bring them back right away. Now that's messed up Fortnite!

  17. Should I get michonne or beast boy? This is a hard decision

  18. I have Daryl Dixon already! His harvesting tools the the best too

  19. I thought it would be the rest of the teen titans or wonder woman or the rest of the justice league

  20. They do this for TWD but not for May the 4th?

  21. i bought michonne and then the next day it was out of the item shop it returned it with no reason!! i have 0 refunds left so i was kind of upset that i didn’t get it but it’s back and i have 200 vbucks. 😞

  22. A moment of silence for the ones who thought Travis Scott and marshmello or the NBA skins would come.

  23. Why is it so random to put these skins in the item shop very early. How about epic games just put them in the shop at 8 for me

  24. The only good item shop reset this season was the one with Diamond Hanz

  25. Since the last time these came out I have watched the first 3 and a bit seasons of the walking dead, now that I have seen both of these characters in the show I realise that Daryl isn’t as well done as I first thought

  26. I remember yesterday talking to my friends saying I’m not gonna buy beast boy and that the only things I would buy would be the walking dead and the tron

  27. Didn’t even know there was a early item shop reset lol

  28. I wanted the original Batman bundle or Harley Quinn back. The zero point comic had a special style for her, but she's being left out….

    – white pencil

  30. Yeah I buy the Michonne's like the second day when it still on the item shop but I only buy her for the katana and the backbling.

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