Fortnite Battle Royale Review -

Fortnite Battle Royale Review

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It may be inviting and accessible on its surface, yet Fortnite: Battle Royale constructs plenty of depth with a fun, unique take on the last-person-standing premise.

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  1. Don’t know what the negativity is. I am enjoying this game and think it’s great value for a free game. Think it deserves it’s high grade for all things considered

  2. You give this game the same score as The Last Of Us. Gamespot is a joke.

  3. i give Fortnite a 1.5 because the only good mode is save the world and it made someone good into a clickbaiter and made CraftBattleDuty switch


    2:4 purple tactical shotgun? What the flip???

  5. You know everyone hates games until fagnite comes out and all of a sudden teachers parents and most kids talk about and i lose brain cells from these baby games

  6. Pissed about the music change, the first song was way better.

  7. When will anyone realise that this is obviously a ripoff of minecraft hunger games🤔

  8. The seven levels of homosexuality:

    1. Fortnite.

    2. Oh yeah wait that's all of them.

  9. Fortnite for gay 1 like is agree and 1 like is disagree

  10. I don’t get the hype for this game, installed it and uninstalled an hour later. It’s such a bad game, especially since I can’t even customize or change my character without paying real money

  11. There is an undeniable string of sexist phenomena in Fortnite. The first one i chose to ignore, but some are undeniably sexist. Here is the proof:

    There are numerous compilation vids of Fortnite female butts on YouTube…Appeals to the male fantasy.

    Ninja (popular fortnite streamer) refuses to play with female streamers because his wife will get jealous…Misogynistic.

    I just typed both the words, penis and vagina in the chat, it bleeps out vagina but not penis….Sexist.

    Because of this evidence, I will be denying my 7 year old son Robert of his Xbox priviliges and will sue Epic Games for a refund of Robert's 21 skins he purchased.

  12. Fortnite is a resounding 10/10. Well maybe that's too big. 9/10

  13. Hahahaha my question is how much did Gamespot gamers REALLY enjoy this? Im curious now what they gave something like Red Dead Redemption

  14. Looks fun enough but i just realized if it's last man standing then i would be waiting for what,. 20-30 min at a time cuz i’d likely die quickly. So no thx

  15. Little did people know this would turn into the biggest gay game

  16. Could never get the basics of this game down. Really needed a simpler menu layout and a tutorial on how to play. I had no clue what I was doing, and got tired of just dropping into a game and getting blasted. Soooooo I tried Apex and loved it 😂

  17. Fortnite was actually fun but then I got REALLY bored of it so I just… quit… So I don't play with my friends daily anymore because all they want to play is FORTNITE… But I don't so I play GTA alot now… Alone

  18. Ah season 3. The only time when the game was good…

  19. When fortnite was actually a good game


  21. People are talking about how Fortnite's rating should be really low, meanwhile I'm trying to think why Kids younger than 12 (bearing in mind you have to be 12 to play the game) have parents that allow them to play a game that is out of their age section

  22. 0/100
    worst, overrated POS on earth, shut down this crap

  23. It has the same rating as Doom Eternal and Borderlands 3. WTF

  24. Let me guess…… You have to worry about getting killed, and you have to worry about these creatures destroying your building? And what is the difference between Fortnite and Fortnite Battle Royale?

  25. They gave spiderman miles morales a 7 and gave this ripoff of a already shitty game a 8 wtf gamespot


    1:38 This is why you're my favorite youtuber you make amazing content for us every day

  27. 1:30 this is hilarious this is why you're my favorite youtuber

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