Fortnite Battle Royale - Full Mobile Match iOS Gameplay -

Fortnite Battle Royale – Full Mobile Match iOS Gameplay

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Here is a full match of Fortnite Battle Royale being played on Apple iOS.

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  1. Cuz of ocd, i pressed the dislike button to make it to 50 dislikes..

  2. Luckily for Android users, and Moblie game that is exactly like fortnite is available. It's called Fortcraft.

  3. I have 5 codes
    If u want all u have to do is sub view and comment on one of my vids
    And reply with ur email.

  4. I just downloaded the game. I can’t get in the game.

  5. On what mobile are you playing these graphics look better than mines

  6. Fortnite mobile frame rate>>>>> PUBG Xbox one X frame rate

  7. Allow me to connect a bt controller and I might consider it.

    Or just bring it to Switch!

  8. i will connect my ps4 controller to my phone and i will be the best at fortnite mobile

  9. Hey guys I’m have iPad Pro so I can not play fortnite so how to do it please give a code

  10. I can play it but not a good iphone i ony got SE runs it very low graphics

  11. Stupid game need invite only wait like stupid person

  12. u suck you did not even take the ammo for shot gun

  13. Não vejo a hora que tiver disponível para Android

  14. nub as fuck gave me anxioty watching u

  15. Those graphics are better than mine are in Macbook.

  16. Fortnight vs creative destruction PC please

  17. Omg I remember dusty divot ahhh memory’s! To have proof I have hav John wick and black knight

  18. I am a noob at fortnite but getting better


    1:53 You really are the best youtuber. You make all of our days better

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