First battle 6000 trophy 🏆😱🤯 #clashroyale #clash #games #royale #gaming #top #millionview -

First battle 6000 trophy 🏆😱🤯 #clashroyale #clash #games #royale #gaming #top #millionview

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  1. como q MK y barbaros de geylite q desepcion😢

  2. It’s sad cuz the opponent would’ve won if he didn’t have 1 braincell, and the reaction speed of a koala

  3. Ebarbs and mk is crazy but that log to barbs and not Princess is More crazy

  4. Bro, u usa mk and man couple thats very…u know

  5. Didn't he learned his lesson when he defended ebarbs with rascal?

  6. Stop using that dumb ass mega knight and ebarbs , you don't know how to play

  7. Ebarbs on princess is crazyy💀💀💀

  8. E barbs on princess and mega night at goblin gang?

  9. Mega knight on princess 💀💀💀💀

  10. Меганайт и элитки в одной деке… Да где же вас, таких грибов, делают

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