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Evolution of Battle Royale Mobile Games 2017-2018 (Android/IOS)

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Evolution of Battle Royale (Battleground) Mobile Games 2017-2018 (Android/IOS)

In the video select only a few games each year, there are still many other battle Royale Mobile games not yet available in the video.

► Bullet Strike Battlegrounds 7-2017

► Law of The Jungle 8-2017

► Free Fire 9-2017

► Rules of Survival 11-2017

► Knives Out 11-2017

► Survival Squad 12-2017

► Hopeless Land – Fight for Survival 1-2018

► PUBG Mobile 2-2018

► FortCraft 3-2018

► Fortnite Mobile 3-2018

► Operation Freedom 5-2018

► Eclipse Isle 8-2018

► Ganghood Survival 9-2018


► List Game:

⭕️ MMORPG Gameplay:

⭕️ RPG Gameplay:

⭕️ MOBA Gameplay:

⭕️ Top Game Mobile:



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  1. Knives out was way ahead of it's time, still no one paid attention to it.It still remains my most favourite battle royale game in mobile.

  2. Im playing pubg in 2018 & Free Fire 2017 Yea Its Soo Ummm..

  3. It’s cool you made a list of BR games on mobile. I played ROS and Knives out last year, then stopped when PUBG came out. Now I mostly play Fortnite, but still play PUBG and Creative Destruction (depends on my mood). BTW, I couldn’t find Operation Stormy Island on the store, is it for China only?

  4. Biểu hiện Cạn ý tưởng của ad :))

  5. I played almost all Pubg clones they were fun i remember FreeFire when it was a small game with only one car in a small map lol

  6. all of these battle royale games are shitty but only fortnite wins.

  7. BEST BR—

  8. Where is minecraft pe hunger games?

  9. Fortnite is work on android? WTF false NOT WORKK

  10. Ever heard Experiment Z game? I guess its the first battle royale in mobile game but open world

  11. El primero es nostalgia y para veteranos en el género…..

  12. After watching this I have realized that pubg is the best battle royal game on mobile

  13. Pubg mobile and cod mobile is my favorite

  14. Everybody is gangsta untill pubg and cod colab

  15. Where is minecraft hunger games ?

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