everyone is playing this game..!! (Fortnite: Battle Royale) - mini-play.net

everyone is playing this game..!! (Fortnite: Battle Royale)

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i’ve learned about this new game.. let’s try out Fortnite: Battle Royale.. i suck..


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  1. hopefully dropping early isn’t a bad thing ”…hmmm…yeah…

  2. "I wish I could turn back time,to the good old days"

  3. 3:27 bro really said rifle, whatever the video is very og lol

  4. whos watching in 2022.. Nice to know how much Fortnite has evolved over the past half decade

  5. watching dan as a noob is just weird.

  6. It’s insane how much we all sucked at this game

  7. Dan called it. He knew that crafting was coming before it was in the game.

  8. Who’s watching in 2022 bc he never plays and ur bad

  9. Dan is super og it’s the vid is in season one and the season shop was a thing In the vid

  10. He said you can craft things and that wasnt there before but now we can. Did he predict the future?

  11. The grenades dont have a texture in your hotbar, the game was so much simpler back then.

  12. Man, how far this game has come… 3 chapters

  13. Purple is not the best weapon gold is🙂😂

  14. That awkward moment when Dan says you can craft things

  15. What ever season this is when I joined cuz I saw my favourite YouTuber playing it and it was free

  16. the funny part is when he calls pistols rifles

  17. 2017: You can craft things 2021: YOU CAN CRAFT THINGS NOW

  18. Who else is watching this video from 2022 lol it looks so weird

  19. hello I'm posting this comment in 2022

  20. i came here for fortnite i got flappy bird

    Worth it

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