EPIC MAGIC BATTLE ROYALE - Spellbreak Gameplay First Win - mini-play.net

EPIC MAGIC BATTLE ROYALE – Spellbreak Gameplay First Win

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Highlights and our first win on Spellbreak which is in Alpha. What do you think of the game? As always CREATOR CODE “StoneMountain64” in the Epic Store 😀
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  1. All fun and good till you start to get third partied everytime you starta fight.

  2. Id play game like that if it was and mmo or just an rpg

  3. Why this reminds me so much of The Dragon Prince…

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  5. Its like Dota Battle Royal…imagine invoker

  6. anyone after its free on epic games???😁😁😁

  7. Great gaming StoneMontain. That's the way to become the ultimate BattleMage ! ⚡⚡⚡

  8. Imagine monster and such can be included. Dragons and shit like that

  9. They need to make avatar last air bender game

  10. Feels like a moba trying to hard to fit in, but I'll give it a try.

  11. I started playing this game today I've already got 6 win I suggest wind /tempest as the starter

  12. I got my first win yesterday in my first match EVER in solo squads XD


  14. I’m not too big of a fan of battle royals but this looks really fun

  15. If it had a Android version it would be one of the best Android game ever

  16. Just got the game and the first game I played I won!

  17. I have a questionnn, does this have a multiplayer battle royale?

  18. If his game had an adventure mode it'd probably be a lot more popular

  19. question does the magic has unlimited powers??
    pls notice

  20. sabah erken kaalkar bacak arasından sarkar onu gören korkar ar3qarararaewreasrraaraqwrraar


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