DrDisrespect's REVOLUTIONARY NEW IDEA that will CHANGE Battle Royale Games as we know them - mini-play.net

DrDisrespect’s REVOLUTIONARY NEW IDEA that will CHANGE Battle Royale Games as we know them

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  1. 2:28 watch docs aimer pull to headshot. He fucking cheats in apex idc what anyone says.

  2. The songs get over the voice sometimes i dont like it pls editor

  3. Pathfinder: "Hold your breath if you have to breathe"
    Doc: "That doesn't make any sense"
    Also Doc" Shut your mouth when you're talking to the two time" 😒

  4. Make a gears 5 montage.. look up pro gears of war montages

  5. the redemption idea was in infinite warfare zombies, i digged it ;D

  6. Man when it comes to music Doc never messes up. Classic like the style.

  7. Not sure revolutionary and battle royale can ever be used in same sentence.

  8. Apex is actually stepping up their game. I'm having so much fun with it again

  9. That techno music kills any doubt that I ever had that you were actually a doctor. Thanks for cleaning that up, doctor 😉

  10. 1. That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard for a battle royale game, like, ever. Take your stupid weird shit and keep it in Fortnite where it belongs. We do not need people flying back in the game because they beat some stupid mario kart course.

    2. Bruh, you are like, seriously mentally unstable. I would not be surprised one bit if I see like, 10 years from now that you were beating your wife or murdered somebody or some crazy shit like that. You scare me.

    3. What kind of weirdo brings a camera crew in a public bathroom…

  11. Videos always too long. Dig you tho just make shorter.

  12. Damn Doc, that ending speech and the song afterwards. TIPPY TOP

  13. Im still waiting for doc to make us the next apex

  14. Here's a better idea: In Battle Royals today, to combat players camping along the circle, specially in high ranks, have the circle "pulse " at random moments, revealing on the map the position of any player just a few meter from it. That way instead of having a defensive camp fest for most the match in pro leagues just to have boil down to a mess of 14 teams in the final circle , we can have a better, more balance, more entertaining match.

  15. he would hate the he just came up with.

  16. I got a good idea for brs stop making them and come up with some new ideas 👍🏼

  17. What kind of Guadalajaran happy pills does doc got? Keep it up!

  18. I wish docs BOOM happened whenever you wiped a squad

  19. This guy wouldn't last at all, go make your own game docs, goodluck

  20. Dudes not even that good lol he get bodied for sure 😂

  21. I saw that stream. They DID NOT GO 5 FOR 5 I think they lost the 4th game but for some reason 'they all forgot'

  22. The Doc is hands down the best entertainer out there. His videos, editing and music are on point.

  23. The doc invented the gulag before everyone else

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