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#ClashRoyale #codeNYTE clash royale is back today with nick and molt teaming up and heading into 2v2 double elixir party mode. hope you guys enjoy the episode and let me know which games modes you’re enjoying on the channel the most. thanks for the love, enjoy!
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  1. The biggest disrespect is throwing a rocket which vanishes from the arena for a moment

  2. Papa squeeze for the win baby that was nuts man great games man

  3. We need more papa squeeze moments like these from Nick xD 6:56

  4. Molt being disappointed in Nick's log 18:11 xD jk Nick and Molt best Clash Royale duo

  5. Love to see you guys go wild
    with the decks yall use 😂😁

  6. Lov’in the nado-rocket papa squeeze plays

  7. Let’s go papa squeeze lol and definitely emotes are more annoying towards people

  8. It's ok to bm in 2v2 but not in normal 1v1. At least that's what I think

  9. Man Its Always Great When The Two Clash Royale Veterans Play ALSO PAPA SQUEEZE

  10. “Call me papa squeeze” I’m going to start using that now 😂

  11. Papa squeeze with the rocket nado combo!!

  12. Make a new clan :Papa Squeezers

  13. I just changed all my usernames to papa squeeze 😂😂😂

  14. Classy people shoot off the unnecessary spell. BMing is for the keyboard gangstas.

  15. theres your new low level account name… Papa Squeeze😎

  16. Hey Nick, ever plan on popping back into the original Warriors clan?

  17. how about to buff mother witch, the units she put a spell on actually get their damage. so its like a pig but with the damage that unit is. so for example, she hit a goblin, then that pig has the goblin dps on the tower, not other units just towers.

  18. Scorched earth. Mix of fireball and poison but it effects both sides in the area of effect. Extra cheap but dangerous to use.

  19. I think I really want that dart gob on there mic

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