Dogfighter -WW2- Battle Royale Mode Trailer | PS4 -

Dogfighter -WW2- Battle Royale Mode Trailer | PS4

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The new battle royale in the Sky !! Dogfighter-WW2- arrives on PlayStation 4 in Spring 2019.
Lets enjoy battle royale which is splendid dog fighting in the background of World War II.


  1. Or I can play Warthunder. A free game with more realistic dogfights. 🤔🤔🤔

  2. The graphics look awful. I'll stick to War Thunder

  3. Poker Battle Royale
    Uno game night Battle Royale
    NBA 2K Battle Royale
    Need For Speed Battle Royale
    Pokemon Battle Royale
    Golf Battle Royale

  4. So… no pilots? I saw no pilots when the spitfire came in

  5. Seriously ??? Battle royal with dogfights ??? Ahhh ok I get it it's purely marketing…

  6. I thought that this is COD WWII BATTLEROYALE mode

  7. you know this games not gonna make any money… why even make it

  8. GOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This game looks amazing but I can't seem to find it on the ps4 store :/

  10. QUESTION, Does this game support the thrustmaster t.flight hotas 4? the only officially supported ps4 flight stick?
    Somebody please help lol, ive searched far and wide, no answer.

  11. How does "Scenario Mode" get unlocked?

  12. No ambient? Lame, should be dark and gloomy skys

  13. Some old people made this game and thought people who love planes love this, we have warthunder on ps4

  14. Just downloaded and played a few games…. Straight hot garbage

  15. Why can't the guy doing the trailer actually play the game? A minute and a half shooting inti the nothingness….

  16. Everyone is saying how this isnt battle royale but this is battle royale you only have 1 life, theirs multiple players, and theres a battle zone

  17. Still cannot get this in the UK playstation store. What's up with that ??? Really want to play it, exactly my cup of tea.

  18. Pay to win game w/ horrible gameplay & awful BR.

    Play War Thunder instead. Free + more content. I recommend playing WT instead of this "dogfighting" abomination.

  19. I won't be surprised if they made a Cooking Mama battle royale game.


  21. One of the Worst games ever regardless of genre. 🔫

  22. So yet another dogfighting game where there's no airspeed or altimeter, and performing a roll is just hitting a button.

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