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Did Battle Royale RUIN Gaming?! 😱

FaZe Blaze
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FaZe Blaze speaks on the current state of gaming

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  1. You pry won’t see this, but I love you blaziken, been a fan since New York y’all are my childhood, honestly heartbreaking to see what’s going on. Hope it works out and hope your happy in life

  2. The next step from battle Royal games is open world multiplayer games such as rust or tarkov

  3. I hate battle royale and rarely play it, most of it is too easy and only end game is somewhat entertaining. Most people are just bots in denial 😂

  4. If anything I’d say Fortnite killed gaming for a lot of people. I know people personally who played and then got pissed and quit gaming in general all due to Fortnite. But battle royales have been around for forever. H1Z1, PUBG, hell Minecraft Hunger Games. It’s not a revolutionary idea either people just hates call of duty and needed a game that was quick and easy. And single player will never die. If you are a true gamer then single player reigns supreme against everything else.

  5. yes if you dont agree ur delusional. b/r ‘s are the reason why we have battle passes too, they make so much money from very little effort so they dont see a reason to put as much focus on other things. another reason why I dont see them going away because it makes them so much money.

  6. No look at h.p. ppl are tired or cheaters and tired pay walls etc. Gaming has went to shit. Good job ppl. Like anything once masses like it, it turns to shit.

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  8. So while I think the Battle Royale brought a lot to the table for multiplayer too many games went all in on it. Almost to the point where everybody was doing it and other forms of multiplayer were dead. Even though it was getting boring with original multiplayer like in call of duty I still enjoyed playing it. But then every game started doing it and they follow the same template to the point where it all feels the same now.

    Not to mention I'm not very good at multiplayer games and never really have been. I usually get lucky and break even when it comes to kills and deaths so the fact that I have to wait a bunch of time in between dying and respawning in a battle royale game slows it down so much to the point where I don't even want to play. I mean call of duty added in revives and also added in the gulag but it still was tedious in my opinion. Especially if you were playing with randoms online and we're playing with your friends. I used to be able to get down on playing by myself and multiplayer games but Battle Royale almost needs you to have friends if you want to have a fun experience.

  9. what does “blazify” know about gaming 😂. he posts cringey tiktok’s for 10 years olds. just shutup and leave the clan already

  10. theres definately alot of external factors. The inability to read for enjoyment has cause alot of good singleplayer games to get review bombed, only for games that take all the fun out and tell you exactly where to go and who everyone and everything is without you needing to find out for yourself

  11. I hate face Money Money Money No More call of Duty videos

  12. If you hate battle royale that much just ignore it, damn.
    Even Apex legends is adding new modes in case you don't want br

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