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Dark and ​​​​Darker Mobile – CBT Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/iOS)

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Dark and ​​​​Darker Mobile (다크앤다커 모바일) -CBT Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/iOS)

A battle royale survival game based on medieval fantasy, Explore the dungeons and RPGs! Enjoy PvPvE battles in the dark dungeon!

Dark & Darker Mobile is based on a medieval low fantasy worldview and feeling. Combining survival elements in battle royale, Explore the information gatherer in the dungeon and role-playing game (RPG) elements to bring more fun and immersion.

The first world! Become an explorer who illuminates the darkness!

The world’s first way to enjoy Dark & Darker Mobile!

– Beta Testing Time: 24 / 4 ~ 28 / 4

Step 1 Simply install the ‘Dark & Darker Mobile’ app and automatically sign up for the beta trial!

Step 2: Wait until April 24th when the dark prison is created.

Step 3 24 / 4 ~ 28th April Join the beta test! 10. 1000 cents is a bonus!

►► Total Size: 1.67GB

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  1. It's frustrating because you're really bad at playing;;

  2. It's nice to have such quality games on mobile. I wish there were games like The Elder Scrolls Online too.

  3. It came out in mobile before pc 😂😂😂

  4. There's a reason why combat seems slow and its understandable but when the hit doesn't register that's something different and very annoying
    They should prioritise the combat mechanism

  5. Man i wish it was fpp but im still excited

  6. Game hay nhưng di chuyển rất chậm, nhưng cũng may có trang bị skill tăng tốc ở trên

  7. it has so much glitch in dimensity processor

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