Core Royale Gameplay - Battle Royale Game on Core Games -

Core Royale Gameplay – Battle Royale Game on Core Games

DV Plays Core
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Playing Core Royale on the Core Games platform! Initial playthough of the game, showing gameplay video with friends.

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  1. can we join others in games? like can i join you?

  2. can we join others in games? like can i join you?

  3. Hey i love core i am working on a game i will put a beta up do you think you could play it

  4. core is like roblox 2006- 2012 right now, not many players sadly 🙁 but since the player base is so little right now, i managed to snipe a 3 letter username 😀

  5. When a youtuber dedicates a whole channel to core then only makes one vid…

  6. the graphics look like fortnite but why the gameplay like roblox

  7. I like how you have fun and enjoy at player battle royale yet people were crying that Firestorm had 64 players

  8. Bro Can I play this game in my iPhone or I need to bring out my laptop my laptop could barely run roblox but my iPhone download roblox fast

  9. Unreal Engine is very customizable and everything doesn't look like fortnite. I think this is intentional to grab more players from the different platforms. You can look at what other people are making on unreal and as a user of unreal and roblox studio I think this is 100% intentional.

  10. i tried this game and its a lot of fun thanks for showing it also you are really good at it

  11. lets hope that core games doesnt got type of game like adopt me 😂

  12. for me personally it looks more like paladins realm royale

  13. if this had the full 16 players it would be pretty good

  14. Like: Roblox
    Comment: Core

    İ PLAY Core but Roblox is still on our hearts

  15. Pls make a video on how to download and play..the only tutorial I watched doesn't show how to download and play.they said just download and they didn't show how to download and even after downloading it .it still says download core

  16. This game is sooo goood. You might wanna check out a fantasy Battle Royale….."WARRIORS of TEMPEST". Its fun killing each other with fantasy weapons…lol. But you need some of your friends to play with.

  17. Notice how when he was showcasing his mount he said this mount has aimbot

  18. me: other sniper nooo no no xD 😐😂😂😬🙄

  19. This game is better than the real fortnite wow

  20. I love this YouTube channel I wish you the best of luck.

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