clash ROYALE!! Playing VS CHEATING! please not CHEATING! -

clash ROYALE!! Playing VS CHEATING! please not CHEATING!

super babyshow
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  1. That is called “lag” not cheating

  2. 10 yo kid things he is cheating💀

  3. He did not cheat, you lagged, also get better, i can easily beat you in a 1v1

  4. I hope if you get to a higher arena, you look back into this vid

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. POV : 8 year olds when it’s their first time using log

  7. Skill issue, and of course this jit has an overleveled firecracker.

  8. Internet problem.Get better WiFi,stop being a dumb@ss that calling other people "noob" bro.

  9. Is it because he aimed at the tower but it still spawns on the side

  10. Tell me you're a noob without actually saying that you're a noob

  11. Sounds like a skill issue

    edit: you just a little kid who created this video for more views. More views = More money. Also that is not Hack. it is just a delay, that happens to me lol.

  12. It's not cheating, stop crying and accept that the letter works like this

  13. The goblin is attacking a bit fast?

  14. First of all he is not cheating
    Second of all if he was cheating he would've just freezed your device
    Third of all this is something called lag
    And finally your deck is absolute garbage please change it

  15. Thats normal you need to get better timing

  16. It’s called super baby show

  17. He's not cheating your just bad at the game 😂😂😂😂

  18. Do you not know what a goblin barrel is??? How the fk are you in builders workshop???

  19. Honestly, you hid this ragebait pretty well, and it kind of worked for the algorithm with all the viewer retention. You played them.

  20. Thats called a goblin barrel, you can place it on any time on the map 😱🤯

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