Clash Royale on the WORLDS SMALLEST PHONE 🍊 -

Clash Royale on the WORLDS SMALLEST PHONE 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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I bought the worlds smallest phone to play Clash Royale

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  1. 0:52 bro oj just turned into small face it looks like markipliers big brain but smaller brain version😂👌

  2. The fact that he needed to use goggles to see the game emphasizes the phone's tinyness.

  3. Lol this is something else, something similar to clash "mini"

  4. not smallest phone in the world but it is maybe the worlds smallest smart phone

  5. How much you want to bet the cards are still easier to click than the “X” on an AD?

  6. Nice work Oj. Now I'm stuck on arena 12. Can you tell me a deck for it?

  7. i guess clash royale should put screen size requirements on their game info now.

  8. 9:13
    OJ:*Places electro dragon*
    Also OJ:Electro wizard defend this

  9. Hey OJ please make a video showing all true red and true blue interactions.

  10. Warning!!! Today a new heal Spirit and a fire Spirit emote was released and clash royale is 6 years old

  11. When you want to play clash mini but you’re to lazy to download the real game

  12. Lol that changed look im surprised. And why the earrings xd

  13. I even missed Tornado at the tablet so i can imagine xd

  14. oh yeah btw how do you make your decks? Like what mindset do you use to build one

  15. I can't believe they left "Archer queen, I love you, marry me" unedited lol

  16. You know when he has his glasses on, its TINY 😂

  17. Oj join my clan in clash royal it's called nba were to go

  18. If oj plays clash mini on that phone, it will be clash mini mini :/

  19. What's next "clash royale on a toilet"?
    Oh wait..

  20. OJ low-key disrespecting my first phone. I see how it is…

  21. At some point oj is going to play clash royal on an orange

  22. I actually more like when you show a reply from the battle because i can see what an opponent going to play

  23. Electro wizard it's not electro wizard electro dragon

  24. Golem,night witch,queen,babay drag,tornado,goblin cage,lighning,bar barrell

  25. Can someone tell me where to get the phone?

  26. I can hear his pain through the supercell id setup

  27. curious, does anyone know the brand and model of the phone that OJ used?

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