Clash Royale | Legendary Odds & Challenge Chests | Mathematical! -

Clash Royale | Legendary Odds & Challenge Chests | Mathematical!

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Legendary odds increase SIGNIFICANTLY when a legendary card is released. They decrease slightly when a common card is launched. Challenges are going to be the most economical way obtain a legendary in the long run.

Legendary calculations ►
/u/Asdamp discovered the challenge chest legenendary factors and the epic/legendary cycle/odds ►
/u/Bellator_Gauis + /u/aznxasazn are math wizards ►
/u/Bellator_Gauis ►

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  1. If Johnny has 3 legendary's and Super cell takes away all the legendary's in the game, Johnny now has quit Clash Royal and is now streaming Fortnite

  2. About a week ago I got the princess from a silver chest

  3. So, what is the legendary factor for Draft Chest?

  4. wait its 69.somthing if you're in area 8

  5. While I'm here in 2018 like

    "Bruh, in arena 11(blimey was that thing back then though?) we got a 84% chance of legendary in smc's

  6. i just got a lagendary chest like 10mins ago from a match XD ang last week i also got a legendary chest in my quest then 3 weeks ako i got miner from daily chest and a month ago an infirno drag from a crown chest XD currently 4 legends soon to be 5 🙂

  7. I got sparky from silver chest and night witch from crown chest on the same day

  8. i got a miner from crown chest. 1 in 4000 chance. ha get rekt everyone im f2p. ill end it. idk what im even saying anymore

  9. my first legendary was from a crown chest. its still my only legendary.

  10. the best odds of legendarys are legendary chest 😂😂😂

  11. I got lava hound from crown chest 🙄
    Lava hound is my least favorite legendary, so I was kind of ticked off.

  12. I opened 6 magical chests and no legendary

  13. I pulled 4 legendary cards from crown chests this week🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. I got the log out of a silver chest yesterday so im pretty lucky

  15. I once got a legendary at a crown chest it was a nightwitch………….


  16. I got a legendary in a Golden chest!!!!!!¡¡!!!!¡¡¡¡¡!!!!🎯🎯🎯 😝 lol

  17. Can we get an update video including the new legendary card and updated chests

  18. I got legendary 3 times in a crown chest and 1 one time in a challenge( not grand) and 1 time in silver chest and 1 time in gold chest.

  19. I got lumberjack on a crown chest, and I also got a log on a silver chest, if you want proof I posted videos about it

  20. got a legendary from asilver chest so just checking the odds
    today really is a lucky day

  21. i just got a super magic chest that is why i am seeing this

  22. Join an active clan where 50 people remains active once in a day, participate in the war and you'll win and get a legendary every week

  23. How do I know how much chest i opened i don't but before i got a ice wiz from crown when i was arena 7

  24. Ur in a discord call and look at this vid: 1 sec later mmmh its a Orange Juice! Discord: WTH

  25. I got a legendary from a silver chest i was lucky even though i lve been getting over 40 silver chest

  26. I just got a legendary card from one of those crown chests lol

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