Clash Royale | How to Pull/Lure/Aggro Units - Advanced Tech -

Clash Royale | How to Pull/Lure/Aggro Units – Advanced Tech

Orange Juice Gaming
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Luring troops and pulling them is an instrumental technique that every player should know. Chain pulling troops into the kill zone is one of the best ways to defend in the game.

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  1. Damn I remember this video
    Its been four years that's crazy

  2. Who’s here after how orange juice came to be

  3. Whose here because of oj's new video in which he talks about how everything started

  4. Who came after oj’s new “came to be” video

  5. nobody:
    95% of the comments : WhO's hErE aFtEr OJ uplOadeD hIS vidEo ?!
    5% of the comments : 3 years old

  6. Who came after the video orange juice came to be

  7. Who came here after how orange juice came to be smash like

  8. Usually I hate school but this kind of teaching is fun

  9. Oh I'm soo happy I saw this video I was dying to watch the starters of oj

  10. Wow ok i am watching your video from 2 years and I saw this one first time love fro. India hope u are good and your crew and hope u reply;)

  11. 0:26 Yo that Golem looks like a sack of potatoes compared to the new one

  12. Anyone else here since the beginning when he first released this video. Nostalgia…

  13. How came here from
    How orange juice came to be here

  14. did u know this is his first video and this video went viral he gained 20k subs and 1 mil views in a day i think

  15. bro this is the second vid he ever made and i somehow found it useful

  16. oh man back in the day when clash Royale looked so much different than now

  17. Who’s here because they are an og oj fan

  18. I wonder if yarn aka OJ still replies… hmmmmm

  19. 1:16 woah he pulled a hog with a elixir collector. NEGATIVE ELIXER TRADE

  20. I've honestly would not be where I'm at right now in the game if I didn't watch OJ. I've learned so much watching these videos even years after the video is uploaded.

  21. Fun fact: no one cares if you came here after watching how oj become to what he is now

  22. Love looking back on old vids like these 😀

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