Clash Royale 2020 Rewind - Win ALL Game Modes 🍊 -

Clash Royale 2020 Rewind – Win ALL Game Modes 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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A rewind of ALL the juicy modes that came out in 2020. Strategy and tips for ALL the modes in the ENTIRE challenge.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – The Floor Is Healing
2:15 – Giant Rage!
4:53 – Mortar Time!
7:30 – SirTag’s Fast Cycle Challenge
9:00 – WithZack’s Sparky Duo Challenge
11:35 – Nery’s Elixir Extravaganza
13:18 – CWA’s Elite Barbarian Rush
15:42 – Legendaray’s Infinite 7x Elixir Challenge

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  1. I used your old deck for double sparky and it worked.

  2. Thank you, lost only one battle with your decks

  3. Thanks for the decks..went with 2 losses whole game modes…..thanks so much

  4. The only time any of these decks work is when your opponent is offline.

  5. I was one win away from winning the entire challenge but I lost to a giant skeleton rocket cycle deck

  6. All Deck are still working thank you so much for Still Real Working Deck Sharing.. Last Mods Deck Are so awsome i never.. loss ..

    CODE – OJ

  7. Dude you're one of my favorite YouTubers of all time and I only play clash casual

  8. I like how he said in the intro all the modes from 2016

  9. OJ news: this just in night witches span piggies 😂

  10. In the starting he said all game modes in 2016

  11. When my 2v2 teammate counters dark prince with skarmy put it actually works: 2:55

    Edit: I put the wrong timestamp by accident

  12. I tried it still encounters bomb tower
    Best deck ever for the sparky one

  13. OJ: uses a mother witch emote
    Also OJ: muahahaha

  14. my greatest tactic is pecka + witch on one side, and prince on the other 🙂

  15. The closed health curiously memorise because pain preliminarily serve barring a jumpy dolphin. secretive, nostalgic smoke

  16. your probably the best clash royale player i know!!!!!

  17. 4:45 « those are going to be a lot of piggies from the night witch »

  18. Oj:that’s too much pigs

    But when it happens for me it’s ok

  19. "a lot of pigs from the night witch " oj 2021

  20. OJ:“That fire spirit an’t got nothing on my ice wizard”
    Me:It literally took it out…

  21. I like how he calls Olmsted every witch night witch

  22. 16:06, anyone notice how the giant skeleton kept going back and fourth?

  23. 7:50 it’s strange it says “Desafío de ciclado rapido de SirTag” that’s in spanish

  24. Enemy: wow this is great this person thosen't know how to defend a dark prince


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