Can we stay UNDEFEATED! (MLB The SHOW 22 Battle Royale) -

Can we stay UNDEFEATED! (MLB The SHOW 22 Battle Royale)

JM Gaming (Jomboy Media)
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Jomboy Media’s Talkin’ Jake and Zack Esposito are ROLLIN! Game 4 is huge, can he stay winning?


Featuring: Talkin’ Jake, Zack Esposito
Edited by: Jeff DePalma

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  1. 17:56 Jake: “I would eat my hat for a double play” and proceeds gets a double play. I think Jake is gonna have to eat a hat now like he ate that blitzball

  2. Anybody notice where the ball ended up on the Reynolds home run?

  3. Jake and pinpoint need to exchange phone numbers very soon is all I’m saying

  4. Ran into a buzzsaw that first round. USA/Japan-esque. Had all the answers for your lineup.

  5. The pinpoint is going to take jakes game to another level

  6. Jeez, I just looked up TBenny3's stream and it was from 1 month ago. I thought Jake was playing these games more recent than that. That's a very slow release schedule.

  7. Let's gooo! Should've stream sniped the streamer though, could've brought over a trash can for Zack to signal with

  8. This set looks like an upstart gynecologist office

  9. Tbenny a great guy but boy does he play a lot of games lmao

  10. Someone at jomboy gotta tell jake that you have to put the pin in the tip circle when it's just about fully closed and then wait until the same for the bottom.

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