Bloodhunt Gameplay and Impressions - NEW Battle Royale! -

Bloodhunt Gameplay and Impressions – NEW Battle Royale!

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Bloodhunt Gameplay is Battle Royale with Vampires set in the Vampire: The Masquerade Universe! Leave a LIKE and a comment. Check out the game here – Thanks to Sharkmob for Sponsoring. Bloodhunt Discord here –


  1. I laughed when I heard they were doing a battle royale but this actually looks really cool

  2. For The comments talking about sunlight being the zone closing… that doesnt work since the sun doesnt work like that. Would be a odd design choice

  3. damn dude the movements are so fluid it makes the gameplay really satisfying.

  4. It would be better if it depends only on melee and abilities without weapons.

  5. This looks super similar to Hyperscape in a way with the city and even with the zone closing in all weird

  6. Men you killed doigbi !!! Doigbi is YTB FR 👍🏻

  7. Why do they release all the best games of PC you realise most gamers are on console right

  8. Is it coming out on Consoles as well? Looks pretty fun

  9. Reminds me of Gunz the duel game back in the day

  10. I feel like if the game involved fewer gun, or maybe have it be vampires vs hunters and hunters get guns, it'd be more interesting.

  11. Looks interesting. But they gotta do something about the bloodsucking, Like npcs actually running away and hiding in buildings. I dont like that you just run up to them and press E

  12. @jackfrags 8:08 you can clearly see the Artifact boots drop from your kill

  13. No one noticed that Dhalucard go the win 😀

  14. Another great looking game ruined by battle royal these games don’t last long at all lmao and of corse idiots play it

  15. Me when I saw this is free: omg a new free game, hope it's not battle royale
    The game:

  16. this is a missed opportunity to make a great game… the battle royal part ruins everything…

  17. Dam,would really like to try it,they should bring it to console

  18. Between the rooftops being where everyone goes and the movement being so basic I don't really have high hopes for this game, overall an interesting premise but poor execution IMO

  19. honestly i love vampire so im sure ill love this game

  20. Wish this game was on console looks fun to play you should post more gameplay of this game 😁

  21. So we molest NPC's for cooldown…hhmmmm mmkay!!

  22. This honestly looks kinda fun, do we know if it will be free to play since it's a br? And any idea on spec requirements?

  23. They mixed hyper scape and rogue company. This game so cool for me 'cause I like dark stuff. But its too late everyone is bored of BRs

  24. Straight took ideas from Gunz the Duels but looks good tho

  25. What a shame this is BR, worst genre in video game history.

  26. I noticed if you kill the NCPs after feeding, another respawns immediately with different power ups 😆 so you can just keep feeding

  27. Not into royale. This would would have made an awesome solo story based campaign.

  28. You've been watching how a Russian streamer Fenyastr was playin' after your death. I'm Russian, so, was surprised with that coincidence. How cool is that, when one loves foreign game-blogers and sees a familiar nicknames in gameplay 😝

  29. Yea this is going out along with hyperscape. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  30. Lower the bass of your volume fs.. It is nothing but disturbing..

  31. The game looks nice, and I like the dedication the developers put into her ass @ 12:00 – that booty is think.
    A big problem will be that you will always be on the rooftops that will make it quite boring. Why would you design such a map if it can be a rooftops-only map as well. There is nothing you have to trade in to be on the rooftop. A real killer would be if you could go inside the buidlings and fight your way through there, but it doesn't seemed that way.

  32. the chinese government got your information now sir 😀

  33. Recently got this game this week, really enjoying it. Wish there was more maps and archetypes/clans.

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