Blind Ranking Fortnite POI's -

Blind Ranking Fortnite POI’s

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Ranking Fortnite POI’s

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  1. bro what why he look so pissed misty meadows was so tuff. my favorite ch 2 poi

  2. Man, it’s so hard not to miss those old maps. I wish Fortnite would bring them back and rotate through them each week.

  3. Brother get your bald head out of here

  4. Moisty mire should've been number 1, it was cracked in s4

  5. We all know he was saving the top space for tilted right?

  6. Actually, Misty Meadows was one of the better POIs that remained throughout Chapter 2.

  7. not me getting the same picks as sypher

  8. Why is your left check fatter than the other one

  9. Yo sypher blind reaction is not knowing what comes next

  10. the only reason the filter is where it is is because of that insane hairline

  11. Misty was my all time favorite landing spot. Wish it would come back.

  12. I heard if you say the best youtuber 3 times u get pinned sypherpk sypherpk sypherpk

  13. My list strated playing in chapter 1 seoson 6 so ive never been to tomato town or moisty mires
    1. Misty meddoes
    2. The agency
    3. Craggy clifts
    3. Tomato town
    5. Moisty mires

  14. The only poi with I like granny on was your mum's body 👅👁️

  15. Me who landed misty medows all of chapter 2 🥲

  16. What y’all know about Craggy Cliffs bro that was the spot when the upgrade npc was there

  17. Moisty was legit my favorite og poi. I landed there every game pretty much since only 1 or 2 other people would land there and then I could push toward prison. I still remember the feeling of pulling a gold scar out of a chest there on occasion, literally the best feeling in my gaming career!

  18. i had
    1. Agency
    2. tomato town
    3. misty meadows
    4. moisty mire
    5. craggy cliffs

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