Battlefield 3 Getting Battle Royale - Call of Duty WW2 Game "Vanguard" Leaked -Today In Gaming -

Battlefield 3 Getting Battle Royale – Call of Duty WW2 Game “Vanguard” Leaked -Today In Gaming

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Battlefield 3 is getting a battle royale mode…
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  1. Will BF3 get ported to ps4/5 then?? Unironically askin for it…

  2. They should have added an anti cheat to BF5. Would be a better decision smh

  3. Cod and Battlefield should go back to modern warfare.

  4. So does that mean
    BF3 is being remastered???

    I’m confused!!!?

  5. I thought the BF3 BR was an official EA gimmick, turns out it's a mod….
    Way to go clickbaiting people, LevelCap….

  6. i hate the vibration sound when sub thing pops up, please remove

  7. Battlefield 3 Tehran Highway!!!??? Freecodecamp and Odin Project take a sit back, let me enjoy some battlefield lol

  8. Why would you want to spend $10 Billion on a platform that doesn't even make money ? Am I missing something? 😐😂

  9. what is it about this ridiculous battle royale formula. every dev has copied pasted it into their game and its so boring bro do game has its own identity really. even forza has a battle royale. what.

  10. Call of duty world war 2 is DESTINED to be a fail 🙂 gg Actiblindness

  11. Tried playing a match of bf3 but it kept kicking me out because of punkbuster and I gave up, modding this game would bust my balls

  12. So basically its the Scavenger + Squad Death match mode but with conquest maps

  13. Think about this, playing BF3 on release and many years later and after 4 BF games released BF3 is getting a update in a way tbh I’m not a fan of battle royal but I will try it and tbh this probably bring a lot of players back to BF3 and I’ll love that a lot since the game is really amazing!!!

  14. i dont want a battle royale in bf6, I want them to focus on maing rush and conquest. That is all i care about, br's are getting boring now.

  15. Battlefield 6 battle royale would be nice if done right BUT it must be separate from the main game and it must be free. like Warzone.

  16. I hope Microsoft doesn't buy Discord. I really want to see it integrated into Playstation, Xbox AND Switch so people on any console can talk to whoever they want…

  17. God bless the nostalgic people who make a battleroyal for bf3!

  18. Would play BF3 if it wasn't for Punkbuster such an awful anti cheat software

  19. Cod ww2 was the most fun cod in years. So I welcome another one from sledgehamner.

  20. Oh, look… another BR bullshit gamemode in a Battlefield game.

  21. If cod does go back to ww2 I would definitely buy I really liked the 2017 one

  22. Lmao wasn't Battlefield's last BR a complete flop, why would someone even think about making a BR for Battlefield 3

  23. if they make this WW2 game actually decent then hopefully it'll work

  24. " Race to get the game shipped first"

    bugs and errors inbound!

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  26. It should be battlefield 4 what the heck 😂

  27. I'd be happy if the next Battlfield was just BF3 remake with todays graphics and full new servers.
    An absolute legendary game.

  28. Sledgehammer should never be allowed to make cod games again. WW2 (2017) was seriously the worst cod game. The campaign was alright but the whole game was lazy and I hey only released it for loot boxes

  29. so this new cod isnt a ww2 cod its a korean war cod.

  30. They should've released another modern game and added a hard core version of plunder

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  32. Nigga battlefield 3 is so old have fun with that trash haha it wasnt made for BR it will be another buggy br clone. if bf6 has BR, personally I'm not going to buy it.

  33. BF3 was so good, who would've thought it'd be getting better

  34. My dumb ass really thought that the Battle Royale was from DICE

  35. At least it would be better than firestorm

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