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Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale…

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Battlefield 2042 has a Battle Royale mode now in Portal. Made by chbmg. If you want to try it use this code: AAGDWA Leave a LIKE and a comment. Use code jackfrags in the Epic Games Store #EpicPartner Become a member: Leave a LIKE and a comment, Subscribe for more.


  1. they had firestorm and abandoned it… now the comunity has to find ways to "invent" a battle royale… dice really screwed it here.

  2. Portal should have been the game 2 or 3 maps and guns from every game conquest both versions of operations breakthrough conquest domination rush and tdm. Portal has the potential to be so special and even in bf2042 rough state its an instant reminder of why bf is unique and why we love it

  3. If you want the definition of FUBAR, watch Tango and Cash.

  4. The aim assist on xbox one is fine for me. Works good enough for me to stay on target, but I can say it definitely doesn’t feel like it does anything at range.

  5. Imagine if the bots on the end attack you as a creative way to create a “storm”. As COD and fortnite have their own way of why the circle may harm you, this could be Battlefield’s, like a border patrol hehe

  6. Hey Jack you need to give tips to everyone live streaming your live streams for as long as I can remember come in so crispy clean and clear high definition you need to give tips what are you using? It literally looks like what you're looking at

  7. I’m not sure if your noticing but your views go down the more 2042 videos you make

  8. All this shows is how little the devs understand their own product. By them saying you can not do this and boom here it is, hire this guy and fire the one that said it can't be done.

  9. ->community member makes BattleRoyale game better than CoD Warzone

  10. woah. watching this video 5 days later after watching the stream and then hearing jack randomly say my name is wild 😀

  11. Battle Royale games are so fucking overrated..

  12. Beans for breakfast is real bro, just ask any Latino.

  13. Jack If you want me to I could print a Lithophane of your logo so you can at least decorate your office a little bit.
    I just hope it isn't too expensive to send a package from Germany to England

  14. Bf 2042 music is terrible. Please make the soundtracks as good as the ones in bf1

  15. I would have bought battlefield 2042 if they would have made Battle Royale for it.

  16. Rest of the people who are angry at 2042:omg!!!! Guys they added battle royal to 2042!!!!!!!!!

  17. Please can you make a proper video explaining yourself because you are a walking hit marker at the moment by other YouTubers.

  18. Why the FUCK did BF not have a native BR mode is beyond my comprehension. Seriously.Warzone had ONE HUNDRED MILLION PLAYERS. 🤦🏻‍♂️ like why even bother having a slice of that market….

  19. "Limitations on the game" IE running like a finished product at all.

  20. DICE just needs to open the floodgates with Portal and official mod support and let players go crazy. It’s the only hope 2042 has of retaining or building a player base

  21. It doesn't matter which Battlefield you play. All servers are filled with cheaters, so it's no longer fun. All servers full of cheaters and hackers.

  22. Think the robo dog should lays mines 💩💥🤪I know my real one does💩💩💩💩💥💥💥💥

  23. Think they should let us use the axe on makays outfit 😎

  24. It looks cool … but still not as good as Warzone !

  25. does this game actully have a battle royale cause im waiting for a new battle royale game ?

  26. the weapon sprint animation
    make the weapon looks not heavy

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