Battle Royale Official Blu-Ray Trailer - Cult Classic Movie (2000) -

Battle Royale Official Blu-Ray Trailer – Cult Classic Movie (2000)

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Battle Royale Official Blu-Ray Trailer – Cult Classic Movie (2000)
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FIRST TIME IN REGION 1! March 20, 2012.

In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary “Battle Royale” act.


  1. Who there after Squid Game ? Battle Royale i Watched when i was kid 😂

  2. Ok i might be kpop and kdrama fan but i can't deny that squid game was a mix of some japanese works from Kaiji, liar game, battle royale, and the movie as the god will its very similar like even the doll thing and the games, and when i watched squid game i felt something reminding me Alice in borderlands… I wish the director gave credit to Japanese works !

  3. From all of the movies about deadly games that influence squid game, people only remember about battle royale, hunger games, as the gods will. But there one movie that is more similar to squid game than all of other movies, it's Intacto, a spanish movie from 2001. Not many people know about that movie. And only few videos about it in youtube.

  4. as soon as i saw squid game it reminded me of battle royale lol. both of them are amazing, but squid games was def inspired by battle royale

  5. I came here after watching the first episode of squid game.

  6. Whose here bc of squid games? Today's kids will never know the true origin

  7. who is here after squid games and alice in borderland??

  8. This is what Squid Game wanted to make. Japan has so much of these dystopian masterpieces unfortunately won’t be viral worldwide like Korean ones.

    (Partially because Japanese companies suck at internationalization)

  9. Best movie ever. Gotta love those kids that think squid game is good or violent

  10. Battle Royale over Squid Games and Hunger Games anyday of the week!

  11. squid game? nah its asian hunger games

  12. Reason why we have games about people jumping out from planes just to start shooting at themselves

  13. Let's take a moment to reflect without this movie Squid Game and Hunger Games would not exist

  14. Soo….

    Japanese implement Battle Royale

    Korean Codifying Battle Royale rules with the zone timing in a map

    Asean & Chinese conquer the game in term of rotation & firepower..

  15. battle royale predicted squid game but different scenes in movie

  16. Very interesting. But the reality for those with very short memories or who don't know the history of cinema well is that Squid Games & Battle Royale are surely a descendants of 1970's dystopian classics. The many dystopian movies of the 1970s were terrifying, artistic and far ahead of their times (with less blood/gore, but equally high levels of queasiness). The 1970's was a heyday for these types of films: Rollerball, A Clockwork Orange, Soylent Green, Logan's Run, Andromeda Strain, Westworld, Silent Running, Planet of The Apes, The Omega Man, Mad Max, Coma (80s)

  17. Bunch of kids getting dropped off by a school buss.. to play fortnite? Pickaxe in hand too haha I see.. it all makes sence

  18. Who’s here after watching squid games and got told it’s a rip off, of this movie

  19. Did everyone forget about The Running Man, from 1987? Similar concept.

  20. Sedang ngumpulin orang yang ngeliat ada Kelly yang die epep :v

  21. After this PUBG ROS COD FORTNITE FREE FIRE etc. Was born

  22. BR, Squid Game, Hunger Game, all actually shows the true nature of us humans in our most primal state of survival.

  23. And what the link between battle royal & squid game

  24. Overrated and uneventful movie that drags on and on and on and on and on

    Ohh mikusi san,i have only pencil to make survival,hihihihihihi breaks leg while trying to run downstairs

    Hakunri,nooooo :*(

    Jesus wept…

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