Battle Royale is BORING -

Battle Royale is BORING

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Thoughts on why I find Battle Royale games so boring. It’s okay to disagree, but you’re also wrong.

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  1. Every battle royale game can be summed up like this.
    Land in a random spot.
    Find loot.
    Then get shot out of nowhere.
    Its not skill if the person who shoots first gets a guaranteed win.

  2. For me the whole battle royale idea was good.. unless everyone started to copy.. to make money

    Apex legend same as pubg but with futuristic guns..

  3. PUBG = Trash
    fortnite = Trash
    all battle royale games = Trash

  4. The only battle royale that I enjoy is minecraft hunger games

  5. The fact you spent 10 minutes looking for good weapons every time, just doesn't make sense, why don't allow the player to choose his weapon in the beggining? the top 5 players will always get to choose their weapons in the end of the game anyway.

  6. RPG :shows your skills but hard.
    Battleground :very BORING.
    First person open world: good graphics but isn't complete.
    Third person open world : very exciting adventure but has gliches.
    Classic : makes my brain blows up
    Stories : the only great one is detroit.

  7. The only way i die in pupg; when someone shoots me from nowhere

  8. Quake Deathmatch shits all over this battle-royale trash mode.
    Even Doom Eternals multiplayer is far better, that shit has me FULL of adrenaline.

  9. Battle Royale is way too overrated.
    It's so boring and way too overwhelming. Probably most games I see always has battle royale.

  10. My problem with the whole battle royal games are

    1. Just like you said the start loot can have a huge impact on will you survive the early encounter or not.
    2. If you survive the early encounter its most likely going to be just running 10-15 minutes just trying to get some loot and you meet a new enemy squad.
    3. Repeat

    For me personally its just not fun when in a game like lets say Siege the action is pretty much constant and the rounds don´t last so long. Unless you die at the first encounter ofc xD

  11. Such a dumb slow mode and if you happen to have a bad start, time to reload the entire match. I don't even play shooters anymore because the Modern Warfare reboot focused too much on warzone rather than multiplayer maps. Realized shooters are just dead from now on.

  12. Team Vs team PvP gamemodes is 20x times more fun than this

  13. You literally run in the map for the most of the time in battle royals

  14. I agree its boring but supernatural has nothing to do with this video😓

  15. If your looking for something to do after initial drop you should go for some kills ? No

  16. Downloaded apex legends on switch thinking it was a big scale futuristic battle fps like battlefield. As soon as I realized it was just fortnite in first person I said Hell! Naw! to the Naw! Naw! to the Naw! Naw! I uninstalled and went back to playing rouge company and Paladins.

  17. I think battle royales are popular for one simple reason: They are FREE. I hate battle royales and I much prefer to play team deathmatch or something on modern warfare. It's obviously better or else why would they make you PAY for it

  18. till this day im still tired of battle royales haha and not to shame anyone that does play it but like he said its honestly just boring imo and so damn repetitive

  19. Only 1 battle royale is good

    Apex Legends

    Others trash

  20. 2:29 "in the case of Battle Royale games, the competition takes a fuck you" 😂😂

    But you're not exactly wrong in that regard.

  21. Finally played firestorm on BFV and it's a waste of time TBH 😅 I mean the waiting part is the stupidest thing.

  22. Gatekeeping things from battle royale'rs is probably the only time I'd be okay with it.

  23. Yeah i understand the appeal

    But I don't understand why publishers keep spitting out the same game again and again lol

    I did enjoy playing Apex

    All I did was just hide and make it to top 5

    My guns were always shit lel

    But what I did enjoy was Fortnite's 50v50 and Team Rumble

    The game was so much more fun

  24. Battle Royale Is just a waste of time
    You can waste 30 min in a single match
    And it's booring

  25. for me it sucks because its too slow paced not really skill based a waste of time and boring

  26. The only BR that requires any inch of skill is probably Apex. Warzone and pubg just boil down hide and seek

  27. The reason I dont like battle royals is that when u die u have to find a new game which takes like a few minutes is so stupid

  28. My friend has always liked apex and for the past month or 2 hes only been playing it. So ive been playing and i just don’t understand how he plays it all the dang time. Cuz im an overwatch player that actually knows what hes doing. Also, me and this friend actually met in Overwatch back in the day but he doesn’t know how to position, ult track, read enemies, ability usage, push as a team, or coordinate at all. To shorten things up, Hes dog water. So i found this video while seeing if i was the only one that felt like this and it seems im not. I just wanted to share also im bored at like 3:30am. Again, just sharing cuz im bored.

  29. I don't like the fuckin guns in battle royale…they do very less damage almost feels like toys..

    On the other hand csgo and valorant feels like real guns coz even a pistol ka dominate opponents

    In battle royale u have to land multiple fuckin shots to get a single kill….in csgo again the damage feels powerful

  30. i see this video cause battle royale is waste of time

  31. Fortnite players douring battle:
    *Bob the builder theme song intesifies

  32. Battle royale players calls us noobs

    They cant even beat the easiest stealth missions

  33. I agree. BR is overrated and boring. It's a waste of time running around doing nothing. And when things happen, the excitement is short. But the world always enjoys pointless things.

  34. I thought i was alone. All the mindless lemmings tell me to play. Bores the sh*t outta me. They’d never touch actually good games like chaos theory, witcher, fallout, swat, kotor, etc.

  35. The game is fun until the moment I die, and I'm just waiting for time to go by till I can play again… I need some sort of flow wherever the game goes. nothing bores me more than inactivity and routine.

  36. I thought this was about the movie, but definitely glad its not. XP

  37. Battle royale games are for people who suck at shooters. Anyone who's even remotely skilled would prefer team deathmatch.

  38. to me battle royale games aren't entertaining probably the most boring kind of game

  39. Any br is much better than playin dust 2 for 9999 times

  40. Drop
    Fight for loot
    Win the fight or try to escape
    Open map
    Analyse the circle
    Try to control a good area in the circle
    Protect that area
    Try to find more loot
    Engage fights
    Disengage fights
    Fight against 3 or 4 squad at same time
    Try to get the high ground
    Save your friends
    Do not get in close fight against smg players
    Search for enemy snipers
    Fight against enemy snipers
    Or just be a sniper and try to hunt enemy.

    So br is not boring. İf you play battle royale games as cs go. Yes its boring. Go and play deadmatch. Br is much more strategic way to play. You should have a plan or you will lose. You dont need to aim like shroud. Act like a real soldiers. Fight with a plan of your own.

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