Battle royale Is BAD game design -

Battle royale Is BAD game design

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I don’t expect this video to have a positive reaction from fans of these games because I understand that most of them are very young and are not mature enough to have an actual argument that doesn’t just include “the only games you like are old” or “well all the games you like are bad” but if anyone does say anything like that feel free to roast them in the comments
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  1. Just because something is bad doesn't mean it can't be fun

  2. Totally agree, it’ll take a lot more than friends wanting to play for me to pick up a BR again.

  3. A story from my first match in pubg
    I ran around for 10-20 mins with absolutely no combat what so ever I walked into a house and got killed by a guy camping on the stair way for God knows how long

    I uninstalled the game and haven't touched it since

  4. The only BR games I like are Warzone and Apex. Apex because its legend selection which takes luck out of some gunfights and its movement and smaller maps make it less like a running simulator. Warzone because you can buy a load out drop that gets rid of any luck in a fight. Also because of the gulag so you dont die and have to restart, instead you can come back and possibly get your revenge.

  5. A hard roast within the first 20 seconds, your love for Halo: Reach and Titanfall 2 and the fact you say BR is only boring walking and luck based makes you a godsend.

  6. Thank god I’m not the only one who hates this genre. Idc if you like this genre at all but I do think Battle Royale is boring and overrated. You spend more time looking for loot than you do in gunfights. I tried Fortnite before got bored of it after a few days and deleted the game. I tried Apex Legends, played for a few hours of it, and instantly got bored as well. And I like I said if you love these games that’s perfectly fine but I just don’t see what is so appealing about it.

  7. I wouldn't mind if the battlepass were free. But paying 10 bucks every 2 months just to unlock content you have to work for is bs.

  8. i really don't like any battle royale game but i just leave cod games since they started to make battle royale games but anyways pc players are a lot better than mobile kids who just tell you that that free fire is a GoOd GaMe

  9. Decided to boot up cod again since I just wanted to do a private match with some bots to have fun, but it turns out it’s now warzone and it’s a battle royale so I couldn’t do that. Instead of playing tdm and just having fun with a simple shooter, I did some practice runs for their royale modes which involved getting money and making sure your team has more money. I realize that there’s modern warfare still but I didn’t really have the hard drive space since you gotta download the campaign and spec op packs too, so yeah.

    People complained about yearly cod releases and their response was to just keep churning crap out year round instead of y’know taking a year or two off. I just want to play a shooter with a few game modes, not a money/gun skin simulator with a million skins that don’t add anything.

    Whatever I’m 28 I guess I’m old now.

  10. It's an extremely oversaturated market abused by predatory "games" companies that want to cash in on the cosmetics sales from the very edgy and competitive children, I played pubg back then and it was alright because it was the first dedicated BR and still maintained an original BR theme, only 2nd to Z1's true original BR game mode, it all went down the shitter when fortnite became a thing

  11. In Warzone, back when you could use choppers in solo, I came in 2nd only because some noob flew around in a chopper and waited until it was down to the last player before jumping out and killing me when I was already weakened from a firefight. That taught me right there this game is mostly luck with some skill. Luckily that feature is gone but I can't even play Warzone anymore. So tired of having to follow the ever changing "meta" or else face getting destroyed by sweats. I miss just playing games and not worrying about "the meta" all the time.

    I play BFV again now and I have way more fun playing that than any BR.

  12. I also thought putting BO Cold War guns in Warzone was idiotic. The game literally has two MP5s, two AK47s, and two M4s now. And it seems (from an outside perspective since I don't play anymore) that they're still struggling to balance the weapons because they broke the meta adding guns from a game that already feel vastly different to MW's guns.

  13. Yeah and the battle passes have a time limit so OCD people like me will shell out real money to buy more cod points so I can complete it in time. Season 2 of black ops I made it like halfway and gave up. Why am I spending money on fake shit? It doesn't make the game more fun it's just virtual peacocking bullshit, and it's not like these are rare skins, EVERYONE ELSE IS USING THEM.

    Also every skin they release ends up looking like a Bane knock-off. And the developers of Black Ops Cold War I think completely forgot what time period their game is set in because they're releasing skins that look like CyberPunk rejects.

  14. I really like Apex because it is really fast and cluttered sometimes but other than that the games are really slow and I hate always having to drop out of the sky.

  15. Way more people should see this video. Let's destroy this latest boring game genre y'all!!

  16. still playing unreal 2004 and quake 3 as shooters to have fun with warsaw and xonotic are also great games too screw battle royal games.

  17. Make arcade shooters great again. The older gamers don’t have time for this shiiit

  18. One of the worst things in Battle Royale is the ability to see enemies from a distance, its an instant disadvantage for people like me,
    or sometimes dying to an enemy from 4km away without you knowing.

  19. waiting 5 minutes to play a game and dying because a guy got lucky and found the best weapon in the game and having to repeat it all is just so shit. in 70% of the games you will die in seconds or you will die to a player who was waiting in the same building since the game started, for you to step in his line of sight and beam you with a zero recoil weapon. warzone rewards players for not playing the game. im not so sure about other battle royales but if you are an average player in warzone, you'll either die in the first 5 seconds or just wait 10-20 minutes for nothing. pushing people is meaningless if you are a casual player, since they have so many advantages on you. even if you got a couple of kills, getting killed by a player who is not playing the game is just frustrating.

  20. fortnite is the one exception for 2 reasons. the building mechanic brings in skill and the game is more cartoony and jokey than games like pubg and warzone

  21. I disagree on skill. If you're bored of camping, the aim becomes to get high kill games so if you're skilled, you run and gun the entire game long.

    However I think the way they've affected the industry and other shooters infuriates me. Fk battle royales.

  22. you are right!people get excited for a game but that will be same but they mostly just say it's because the games are getting worse only

  23. Battle royales are too rng based and if you make it through the early game most of it is just running around and not encountering anyone until the final circle

  24. Battle royale is bad microtransaction filled games

  25. all these damn battle royale games are utter garbage and are usually really expensive.

  26. U don't need to complain about not completing the battlepass system..if u are a hardcore gamer who plays the game alot and completing challenges faster.

  27. These games suck dick, its that simple, nothing to argue with man, shooters are shit because shit players keep buying shit games, its that simple, cunts are cunts…

  28. I avoid battle royale games. I like the regular multiplayer game modes I grew up with. And because of this I haven’t felt like buying and playing any new games the last couple of years.

  29. DE currently weights over 100 GB. 45% are skins from pervios BP. 40 GB of useless data.

  30. Nothing you've addressed has anything to do with objective gameplay design and has to do with either scummy developers, industry wide practices pertaining to microtransactions and your own personal experience with how you play these games.

    The only thing that I can address cause it's the only thing that's remotely relevant is them being boring to you and not finding people. You'll find plenty of people who cant wait to shoot you if you know where to look for it and just go push the fight. How do you think people get high kill games? By finding the people and killing them. Just cause you camp in one building the whole game or die the second you get into a fight doesn't mean it's like that for others.

    And even that point isn't relevant cause it's just your personal experience and has nothing to do with game design. And to top it all of you started the video off condescending to people younger than you which is really funny considering you sound 14.

  31. Doom and halo are the last bastions of complete games that offer campaign and several multiplayer modes. It's a shame how most BR games are just that… BR. Ide love to play apex if it was an actual hero shooter with respawns and balanced weapons that aren't based on rng loot systems. Apex sounds great on paper but the game in general is abysmal. I have to lose several matches long before I can actually pick up on when and where I can find decent weapons, appropriate times to use my ability, what character works best in each situation, what guns are worth grabbing and which ones to avoid because color doesn't necessarily mean it's good or a weapon I can work with in general. Then there is still the problem with the lack of information when it come to the gear and how to use them. Sure there is a tutorial but the game is so vast that the tutorial only covers the absolute basics of revive move shoot and loot. There are things I can lookup and be shown if someone was able and willing to teach but it's never enough to just know how. It still requires an insane amount of practice. Meanwhile normal multiplayer games (yes still require practice) don't leave you staring at the lobby screen for 70% of the matches only to get killed by a player who got lucky with the loot spawn. Most normal multiplayer games gives the player an abundant amount of time to learn and play the game without the aggravation of being shot down without a fighting chance and then restarting back in the lobby for the umpteenth time. If BR was offered as a game mode instead of the game it would make it to where a player can go in with some actual know how and make it to where douchebags who feel the need to tbag noobs actually have to earn it instead of gloating over that idiocy.

  32. "battle royale is bad game design"

    A catchy title for a sloppy, lazy video. This video is nothing but a list of complaints. Nothing in this video even remotely resembles an argument in line with the claim made by the title.

    You might be right. Maybe battle royale is bad game design. Unfortunately even if you are right, this poor excuse for an argument won't convince anyone that doesn't already have a hate boner for battle royale games.

    Please try again. You seem to have decent taste in games (doom eternal and halo we're continually referenced.)

  33. Halo didn't ruin FPS games, Call of Duty was the series that tried to ruin the FPS genre. Because Activision would milk the COD games every single year.

  34. fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite

    fortnite will always be better than other shooters
    best shooter
    best best best best best best best

  35. a great battlepass ss system i think is somewhat better than most is the MCC (Master Cheif Collection) they had a pass where you played the missions got unlock tokens and where able to unlock armor skins calling cards and such. and it was free on top. some might saw oh battlepasses have a free part where you get mayeb 1/15th of whats there but looking on the MCC season pass can benifit in other games. allowing things like coins and stuff you use in the store not avaliable but all the other cosmetics avaliable to earn

  36. I mean I used to like waezone but I now prefer regular multiplayer in COD. Battle royals really are 90% running around and picking stuff up and then you do all that and get killed in 2 seconds. On the other hand it also can be very suspenseful and fun.. depends on your mood and attention span at that moment.

  37. Halo 5 is a way better game than infinite cause they tried to be different.

  38. Imo battle royale gamers should stick to those games because it's annoying playing with people who play pubg and fortnite in game like LoL , ml , Aov or even Smite

  39. True. The game mechanics do not fundamentally change with BR compared to other FPS. It's not novel in that department.

    It is natural for the mechanics of ANYTHING to change and evolve and adapt overtime.

    Where BR departs and why many people like me dislike it is the way it puts said mechanics together to create a broader experience and gameloop that I find very tedious and unfun.

    And not only that. Everyone should have their place and space to be and enjoy if they are not hurting or bothering anyone else. But developers exploit this (in some ways hard to blame them) and push and shoehorn it into everything, so that even if you do not prefer BR, it becomes in some way inescapable and inevitable, because your favorite games change or have developer hours put into a mode you never asked for or wanted.

  40. you loot good weapons and anything running in 10 mins and then died..

    Seems irritating yeah battle royale sucks

  41. So many languages in the world and this man chose to speak facts

  42. this one time. in the long time ago. the united states simply asked Columbia to stop sending cocaine by the boatloads into the united states and in return the Columbian and the Mexican drug lords said. sure, will stop sending i. if your people stop demanding it. battle royals are here to stay. its something about them that people demand of them for them to exist. there is something about them that you and only you and people such as your self cannot. or in my opinion dont want to see. your ego has blinded you and your missing out. that being said. if your being genuine and you truly don't see it than ill tell you. there's something special about seeing the way a more skill player builds. (fortnite) or watching that way a target peaks corners and moves. (pubg) that brings you close to that point that your going to die by the hands of this player. even though its simulated death. the lobby wait, the constant looting, the circle getting smaller and smaller. the penalty of having to wait in another lobby. all of this intensifies that feeling. its something you cant get with a run and gun close quarters movement shooter. everyone is killing everyone pretty quickly. you respawn and there isn't much consequence. your games create a rush but our games create an adrenaline rush that feels really good. that's why we play them.

  43. I agree..I like team death match..more action..battle royales you just run around looking for shit & if you die 1 time it's game is that fun

  44. Campaign is 100 times better. Battle royale is boring. Pubg has really bad graphics even in 2022.

  45. Battle royal is just RNG mess. Played many of them and felt like the only time skill came into play was when you had same health and similar guns.

    Even then in games like fortnight guns change constantly and the damage output for shotguns atm are either super powerful or like bb guns

    Also doom multiplayer was awesome I often got first place on that game so much fun and requires real skill

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