Battle Royale in VR: Population One Quest 2 Hands-On! -

Battle Royale in VR: Population One Quest 2 Hands-On!

Adam Savage’s Tested
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We go hands-on with Population: One, the upcoming virtual reality Battle Royale game made for cross-platform play. Check out how it looks and plays on the Oculus Quest 2 while we chat with BigBox VR’s founders about the making of the game and the challenges of engineering and balancing an 18-player VR game that runs smoothly on mobile and PC headsets. Plus, we review the new VR Cover accessory for Quest 2!

Population: One:
VR Cover for Quest 2:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
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  1. From the video I think the games number one flaw is Looting. I think it takes a way from the VR experience by having too many unneccessary controls and just emphasises the awkwardness a player has with fine motorcontrols having to look at and click on individual objects. Like picking up individual items and inventory management. Auto-looting and streamlining the itemisation that its instant action would be better. Its called Battle-Royale… not a Looter-Royale.

  2. Recording looks really laggy. And god no please VR Fortnite. VOMIT.

  3. Shout out to the developers that put so much effort and time into making this work so well on the Quest!

  4. best game in vr at the moment and i’m more than positive it’s going to make history

  5. летописец мемной папки says:

    Доброго времени суток! Adam Savage’s Tested
    нечасто встретишь человека с задатками ютьюбера-миллионника
    Я пытаюсь снимать крутые видео по играм. Оцените на досуге. Спасибо

  6. I hope you respond to this message it's a question can I trade my original Quest in 4 the Oculus Quest 2?

  7. I don't like battle royale in general, but i would definetly try this one

  8. Do you want a flop? because that is how you get a flop

  9. This is the first game with a big scale map in VR that ive seen. Its been a very slow and bumpy road for VR. Its been way too long and its still very unpopular even tho price has come down significantly. Im gonna be 40 in 10 years and hope this hits mainstream hard by then with amazin progress and immersion so I can enjoy it before im too old.

  10. Looks like shit, but i'll give it a shot.

  11. Battle Royale? Why are they fighting over an egg custard?

  12. Looks great! Not really any sniping footage though as far as I can see. Is it possible to look into a scope to 'zoom' the target?

  13. It looks horrendous, like something from a pre 2000 pc.

  14. I really want to know, what information is facebook taking when I use the oculus quest 2?

  15. My rift s always makes me feel sick when i play smooth motion shooters xl really sucks because its so fun.

  16. Wow, the comments on this vid. A selector wheel for weapons. Its VR add socket points to the body. The reload is just pushing a mag in that appears out of thin air. No weapon recoil. ( i know cause im in the beta as well). The grenade throw is cartoony as hell with no pin pull. And to top it all off the locomotion model is badly implemented. Compare this game to standout vr or virtual battlegrounds and its well behind the tech curve. I hoestly played the bot mode just once and never played again

  17. Good to have a VR game, especially a Quest game, focusing on having a greater scale and good longevity. Seems like a must have title in that regard

  18. I hope they change the items to lie on the ground, the floating items in vr looks a bit silly.

  19. les casque VR devienne de plus en plus des console indépendante, encore 3 ou 4 jeux de qualité et beaucoup de gens vont s'acheter un casque, avec half life et la licence walking dead la VR a déja pris un niveau de plus il manque plus cas faire un effort sur la durée de vie des titre la VR étant de plus en plus confortable la durée de vie des jeux peux être facilement doublé

  20. This game is B.S. WTF you drop in with no weapon into an area where there's others who already gotten weapons!
    WTF It's a slaughter house of B.S.

  21. Hey, is the quest 2 able to play medium(the vr sculpting program). Becous that is the sellingpoint for me😅

  22. That looks less immersive than said battle royales 🤔 probably not a good look for a "vr" game since that's kinda the only thing it has going for it

  23. Hey Adam, have you heard about Pokémon VR ? We created a beautiful universe for Pokémon fans thanks to virtual reality. Maybe your community would like to see it !

  24. The problem with BR in VR are the numbers online. I feel like they really need to facilitate smaller groups on smaller maps. Battle Royale of less than 10 in a warehouse for example.

  25. This is legitimately one of the best games for the Quest. Not complicated but sooooo much FUN!

  26. wow those guys are full of bullshit
    oh well, I know what game I won't be buying

  27. This is Norm from ADAM SAVAGE'S TESTED! Get it right!! 😃

  28. THIRTY DOLLARS?!?!?! I expected this to be FREE, especially with ONLY 1 MAP!?!?!

    Any reason to pay $30 rather than just keep playing paintball for FREE in REC ROOM??

    Don't these Battle Royale style games DEPEND on having a large active online player base? I just don't see enough people willing to spend $30 on this game which only has ONE MAP?

    I'm worried this game will fail before it even gets a chance, due to nobody buying it since there are similar FREE cross platform 'shooting' games…

  29. So freakin cool & the interview was really informative

  30. Does it support cross purchasing? If it’s a life service product that’s something i would expect. Purchase on Rift & get the game on my Quest as well

  31. Talk about downgrade because of poor vr headsets.. Lighting has been nerfed so has textures and models. I'll. Pass.

  32. I was never a BR fan on flat screen games but this one is so much fun. They did a really good job making this work and being really fun to the point where I think anyone would enjoy playing it. I love it!

  33. Id like to point out you did a very interesting thing in this game that is different from all others:
    Grab shields instantly — no shields for later

    only health for later 🙂

    its actually good, innovative, most games let you use potions or shields actively but ya gj!

  34. Video needs an addendum about how the whole thing was a bait to sneak in microtransactions in post-release like they took all the vilest lessons from Activision.

  35. The oculus quest 2 you don’t need a computer correct I hear a lot about this

  36. Zombie games Medal of Honor and population sounds good enough

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