Battle Royale Games With Viewers. -

Battle Royale Games With Viewers.

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You do not have to be a member or need to donate in order to play with so enjoy my stream. Also please check out my other content on my Youtube channel and maybe subscribe and leave a like? Playing just for fun. As a Noob you will see me camping, hiding and see me get wasted allot and maybe get a win now and then if lucky. I strive to keep it family friendly for all to enjoy

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Fortnite is a popular online video game developed and published by Epic Games. It was first released in 2017 and is available on various platforms, including PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

The game is known for its unique blend of survival, exploration, and shooter elements. In the most popular game mode, Battle Royale, up to 100 players fight to be the last person or team standing on a shrinking map while collecting weapons, resources, and items to help them survive. The game also has other modes such as Creative, Save the World, and Party Royale.

Fortnite has gained a huge following worldwide, and its popularity is partly due to its free-to-play model and frequent updates with new content and challenges. Additionally, the game features a variety of cosmetics that players can purchase, such as character skins, emotes, and pickaxes, which have also contributed to its success
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