Battle Royale Games Will Never Die -

Battle Royale Games Will Never Die

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In this video I will convince you why Battle Royale games are not another gaming fad, like Mobas or team deathmatches. But are in fact the final design of what a game needs to be. To fully captivate our human minds.

Ever growing external threat combined with helplessness, equality, Survival, instinct, scavenging, exploration. Combine this with 99 enemies, and the grip on our human physche is much more substantial than any other game style that has ever been released.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the more basic needs at the bottom. The hierarchy remains a very popular framework in sociology research, management training.
Video games have previously revolved around the first two blocks of this pyramid sometimes three (mario games, shooting AI enemies) without the ability to move higher up the pyramid. This is due to many things.

This video is mostly my opinion but does include scientific facts. I have always thought about the science behind why we find Battle Royale games so fun, so I decided to make this video on it, hoping you would find it as interesting as I did.









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This video contains a scientific/broscience look at the psychology behind the Battle Royale genre of video games, and why it is so popular to us. This video points out that we have a deep psychological connection to the way these games function. The excitement of the stories that can be told through these BR games have created a spectator environment at the perfect time for spectators, as almost everyone can stream and share media today via YouTube.

Why are Battle Royale games just now sprouting up everywhere? Why are there so many BR games now as opposed to years and years ago? In my opinion, it is because computers and game consoles are just now becoming powerful enough to handle the map sizes and netcode of Battle Royale games. (although still not perfectly.)

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  1. Self actualization is a state of mental health not a feeling granted by a video game, infact video games more often strip self actualization then help it

  2. Y'all humans have no sense 😂… These games suppose to prepare us for …… (sorry comment was taken down.)

  3. BR will never die, Ninja will keep them alive.

  4. The inner machinations of our minds are an enigma.

  5. I love how 77% of people said BRs are dying… then Apex came out

  6. Battle Royals are popular because they are more challenging, they offer a greater sense of reward, and they allow you to collaborate better and more with your teammates, which creates a greater sense of camaraderie

  7. Yea five hundred billion billion posibilites on a checker board maybe in Narnia but not reality

  8. Is this really a video made by Mr. Hummus?

  9. Dying is a over exaggeration, games like team fortress 2 have been said to die for ages now yet there always remains a community. As long as you can still play the game with other people, its not dead.

  10. I want a milsim battleroyale, that I think I would enjoy, maybe…

  11. Who the fuck counted all the sand on the beaches

  12. They need To die bc It's CANCER

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