Battle Royale Games That Died In 2020.. -

Battle Royale Games That Died In 2020..

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Battle Royale Games That Died In 2020..

Hey everyone, in today’s video I talk about battle royal games that have died (or are declining) this year. We have had a lot of battle royale games this year including Call of Duty Warzone, HyperScape, Fall guys and more. I gave my reasons on why these games are dead or are declining and what went wrong with these new games.

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  1. fall guys was soooooooooooooo hyped up but a couple wees later it died fastttttttttttttttt

  2. Rip hyper scape I knew it was gonna be first 😂😂😂

  3. I totally forgot about spell break, played it back in September. The game was so frustrating. I kept getting spammed with boulders.

  4. I found your channel coz of hyper scape wanted to see some gameplays i was so hyped for the game

  5. Id love a popular upcoming games or upcoming brs video

  6. I was shocked to see Valorant on twitch the other day, I thought that game had also died.

  7. ive played a majority of these, usually dying brs like this always have something wrong with advertisement. i wish hyperscape took off more but i just moved over to apex and warzone and hyperscape just had too many issues with the aiming system on console. spellbreak had potential but the spell-mixing type stuff was way too complicated for me, i just want to shoot bullets lol

  8. Apex could've died too if season 6 lasted another month or two lol.

  9. Getting a kill in hyperscape is like winning a game in warzone

  10. Good analysis! Spellbreak had potential but always felt so lifeless; I think character dialog could've helped with that. Fall Guys suffered because the experience of playing with friends was underwhelming. If your buddy advanced but you got cut, you just have to watch. Not much interaction within the gameplay either. All that to say… long live Apex. 😁

  11. Kids – play fortnite
    Men – play pubg
    Legends – play Apex legends 🔥

  12. In beta for 1 year…hype dies… rust in alpha for 5 years.. still very much alive

  13. I think now you should make a video about the downfall or decline of fortnite.

  14. Man your yt channel is so underrated here before a million subs man!

  15. In my opinion, Fall Guys isn't dead, but it is definitely less popular than it was back in August. Still doing fine though, especially since it wasn't supposed to be popular.

  16. Fall guys isn’t rly a “battle” royal. It’s a royal game but no battle

  17. I reckon if a game gets soo hyped and popular it will die but a game that was just good would stay like that and not die

  18. Fall Guys is still top 5 Battle Royal next to Warzone, PUBG, Apex, Fortnite. When your too 5 in a genre thats still successful imo

  19. I know hyperscape is dead but I want to get it it looks amazing 👏

  20. 1 year later: The battle royale game hasn't died off completely, fortnight is still going as well as apex, warzone, all the shittiest games. Battle royales just suck ass. Casual shit.

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