Battle Royale Free For All Victory Strategy! Territory Games io - Territorial IO -

Battle Royale Free For All Victory Strategy! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. Hey,I from Malaysia.go CG go,I like all of your content's so fun

  2. I dont understand why are you disappointing when you lose here. This game has a great part of gambling. The winner is desided by actions of other players, you just cant control it… Its about the same if you feel disappointed when you play poker and someone gets a better hand,…

  3. Damn bro take a break. How many videos did you upload today? Must be like 5. Nonetheless i enjoy them so keep em coming.

  4. Do you have a w/l ratio for your whole time playing the game?

  5. Win/Play as Poland and btw love your vids

  6. Those two were so frustrating to watch. I mean would you leave if you were 007? trying to gang up or what?

  7. ive found thay when the least amount of people are playing is 6-8 ush pacific time

  8. I hope you hit 40k today or in a few days cuz i have been in your live streams when you were small and you inspired me to play this game

  9. Just had an awesome experience in game. I have the [CG] clan tag (under the name Chazz), and it was free for all on World. A [CG] player was near me and we allied and proceeded to conquer the entire world together. We were both vulnerable to backstabbing from each other at times but our loyalty to CG held strong

  10. Usually once I commit to attacking somebody I will finish the job or lose. Although there are rare cases when the crown is extremely big and near both of us then I offer truce and then we try to gang up on him. Or someone decides to attack me in the back I offer a truce to the guy I was attacking (I say 60 percent of the time it works) then focus on the one who attacked me in the back

  11. Wait are u the ummayed empire in my game I was [AGL] Algeria

  12. Malaysia has conquer Crimea…now everyone have to eat durian whole day and wear jacket backwards…wahahaha

  13. It amazes me how dumb people are in this game. I never played it and watched like 4 vids of you and won my first game the second day of playing. It was maybe my 13th round which is more than most people I think. I got around twenty wins now. Moral of the story is people are dumb

  14. Just a question just what you expect them to do to simply let crown win the game if they did not team up? the only chances of winning is by team up so I did not see any wrong doing of having prolonged the match.

  15. I guess this is the video for long comments LOL

  16. people I help who were in odds where they wouldnt have survived without me still full send on me. People will full send regardless of if you honour the alliance.

  17. The two territories were justified in teaming and it was the best (and only) play they could have done. If either of them teamed up with you in pushing out the other territory, they both would certainly lose. Teaming up was the only thing they could have done to have a chance at winning.

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