BATTLE ROYALE 2019 VS 2023 in COD Mobile... -

BATTLE ROYALE 2019 VS 2023 in COD Mobile…

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  1. I remember actually having to heal urself but they removed it I quite the game for a year

  2. I'm sad I miss the OG days and the adrenaline

  3. The Adrenaline First aid kit and the pdw 2019 was the thing i miss😢

  4. The 2019 graphics are much cooler than the current one, if only CODM was back like 2019 again😢😢

  5. I started on season 2 of cod in 2019
    Bc of my uncle
    My uncle used
    A lmg a pistol

  6. When i first started playing this game again this year after quitting for nearly 3 years i didn't know our health now could recover by itself. I was panicking when i stayed too long in the zone and couldn't find a single health pack 😅

  7. Bro i remember playing with my dad and sister
    Without plates😢

  8. I can't survive in battle royale anymore..😢

  9. I hope they add back the attachments in br

  10. Codm should add again adrenaline hemostatic and med kit

  11. Every game has its own golden period
    -a legend

  12. I have been a fan for three years, good luck, you are always great, brother❤

  13. i miss running around with stacks of adrenaline

  14. just like you my reaction was the same when i saw 2023.
    i have been playing since 2020

  15. Surprisingly no one’s talking about 5/6 people laying in front of Br0ken’s shotgun in 2023😂

  16. The CoDM BR was literally my reliever during the times of disaster

  17. Codm in 2019 was so realistic just like warzone but now it's so boring 😔😔😔😔😔😢😢

  18. Imagine you play codm since 2019-2023 and you time travel to 2019 you beat pros

  19. 😢😢 how from 2023 to be good has brOcern

  20. i played in 2020 quit in like 2021 or smth came back like 1 week ago

  21. Yeah I miss the adrenaline allowed a bit more skilled play and headshot damage used to make since

  22. The pdw is actually goated rn in br actually

  23. Ur an og if u remember this line

    Thats one less lose end

  24. Now you need to tryhard and also get an good device

  25. Old diner spot was so good i miss it😢

  26. I want the old Healing system Back. The plates dont even make Sense

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