Are You Playing The Losing Game: Fortnite vs Apex vs PUBG - Battle Royale 2019 -

Are You Playing The Losing Game: Fortnite vs Apex vs PUBG – Battle Royale 2019

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This is a Battle Royale between games to find out which is the best out there. Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG are facing off against each other to be crowned champion. Which game do you play? Which game do you think sucks?


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  1. I honor those who risen not those who’ve fallen -bloodhound

  2. Bruh no one cares about realistic in A BATTLE ROYAL GAME

  3. minecraft is always the best and will always be in all our hearts

  4. u pronounce PUBG ,”Pobjee”,
    and he pronounced it Pubgee

  5. They say death catches up to everyone, haha he can certainly try


  6. Apex is not popular anymore fortnite wins

  7. All features of these games
    Fortnite: Building
    Pubg: Real life vibes
    Apex legends: Fictional Characters

  8. Apex is a mix of fortnite COD and overwatch btw apex is what I like some players are burned out on fortnite and when a new game come it's bound to attract players

  9. So listen, in our current status on which of these three are likely to stay around.
    Fortnite is the most likely, that’s not me saying things just because I can.
    No, Fortnite actually has a 5 year plan and is trying to move its cards into other forms besides battle royal.

    Apex will likely outlive pubg as I haven’t heard much of pubg in a long while

  10. "partial based from titanfall"
    bruh same universe

  11. PubG is the Best,PubG is my Favorite

  12. I think I like Apex. But I don't have any friends, so I guess Fortnite is the only option left for me.

  13. Everybody gangstar until tetris join the party.

  14. fortnite, pubg and apex are the small dude next to minecraft, cs go and gta the giants

  15. If you think Fortnite is better than Apex legends once check Apex you wouldn't think it's good at the start but afterwards you will leave fortnite and play Apex

  16. Lol I played pubg not even for 1 day bcz of friendly fire

  17. "fortnite will be way more popular" exactly 3 weeks before this comment was made

    fortnite youtube makes a video saying more people are playing apex again

  18. What about call of duty tho?
    You cant leave it behind.

  19. man why people now become like toxic?
    I miss old people before fortnite release

  20. Apex Legends exists.
    OTHER GAMES-I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death. 😂
    Smmhh that's the sweet aroma of fear. 😂

  21. fornite is just 90s pubg is just baltimore on steroids and apex legendes is just future pubg

  22. PUBG is not dead yet since the mobile version got popular even my country called Myanmar plays it there are even live streamers and youtubers

  23. THE ppl that play all THE three games 😏😎

  24. Fortnite is dead. Pubg is kinda dead. Apex is the winner

  25. Of november 1 2021, I think apex is winning

  26. Team fortress 2 team: allow us to introduce our selves

  27. How did you transition from one game to another? Where did you start and which game do you play now?

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