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Apex Legends Battle Royale Gameplay Live

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The creators of Titanfall have made a new battle royale called Apex Legends which is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


  1. this is new and is it really free to play?

  2. Wow and I just Re-downloaded titanfall 2 yesterday

  3. Enough with the Battle Royale. The gaming trending tab shouldn't be filled with 90% Fortnite 10% everything else.

  4. Oh, wow another Battle Royale game can't wait!… Not!!

  5. So a new Titanfall game that is Titanfall only in name of franchise

  6. Graphics brought to you courtesy of 2005.

  7. Battle royale is all the same. You spent 80% of the time looking for a weapons and then killing people. And then to get to the point of killing people again you have to spend 80% of your time looking for weapons again. It gets boring.

    The final moments are the fun parts and it takes way too long to get to those moments.

  8. Is this in the titanfall universe? Cuz if so it dosen't look like it at all

  9. Love how no matter the game,they no little to nothing when it comes to xb1

  10. Soooo the people that made titan fall made modern warfare 2 sooooo without wall running and titans is thus call of duty battle royal witch is black ops 4?

  11. Battle royals is so overrated and this is coming from someone who used to play fortnite pubg and cod blackout mode all the time the only one I still play is cod blackout mode this looks like a mix between that and pubg but this has no vehicles

  12. tbh this looks pretty fun! hopefully it doesn’t fly too far under the radar.

  13. I wish you had Titans 🙁 that’s the only reason Titanfall was so entertaining, seeing your Titan fall from the sky, you using it to eliminate enemys’ and seeing other titans fighting with an another one 😢 this is just lame asf

  14. Oh shit, I just noticed the voice actor of Mirage is the same voice actor of Kyle Crane from Dying Light.

  15. Can't wait until mine finishes downloading

  16. Gameplay looks good but the colors look bland. It needs more life to it.

  17. no titans? not even wall running? i'd rather have tf3 tsk

  18. It's probably just a (relatively) small scale project to make money to help finance titanfall 3

  19. Around the 22:00 mark is when the chit chat stops and the game play begins.

  20. It’s fun but I would have preferred Titanfall 3

  21. Changed legendery armor for common, 10 seconds later – ooh is that a legendary, facepalm

  22. Nice free Battle royal . I won't pay for any battle Royale lol

  23. Wow so now everyone loves EA and back on board all because of a new battle royal? Wow keep gingling those keys over everyone EA, these gaming babies will keep on falling for it.

  24. It's like if titanfall and borderlands had a child

  25. I am not a battle royal fan but this looks kind of good

  26. thats funny how COD IIII made expensive, full of lags and not good at performance game, where this looks better, has better performance and not have to buy at start

  27. American gaming is so damn lazy. All they do is copy good trends and burn out the trend. I hate br

  28. I hate EA, but a free to play gorgeous game with cosmetic only microtransaction? Is it possible that EA giving up their shady business practices because it hurts them financially… 🤔

  29. …why'd you start a stream before having the game downloaded? Lol

  30. I dont know why but i got Some wierd language and cant change it to english Pls help

  31. I'm only 15 min in this video but, no you do not need ps plus to play

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