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I’ve been working on something special with Nickmercs, CourageJD, Ninja and Timthetatman!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. You've got the touch!
    You've got the POWAAAAAAAAR!!!!

  2. This would be awesome, though the gunplay and movement in fortnite is so clunky and does not flow whatsoever, thats why apex is so successful bc of the insane gunplay, if that was changed then I see myself playing. But as a game dev you would have to change a ton of models and rigging in an already clunky game.

  3. He’s ready to completely destroy the current mini BR community…

  4. Everyone wants double pump back but if I got quad edited then double pumped I would break something

  5. The boys look so fucking badass in the loading screens. Sypher especially. Like that trench coat tho!!!!!

  6. U should add typical gamer in ur team and add og weapons and add surfboards and a water park with slides and a collaboration skin items

  7. You guys need to give yourselves your own POI’s and have guys as bosses. Ninja could have a mythic katana and you (SypherPK) could have like a oni power mythic

  8. Hi I have Watch a video for two years actually

  9. Why not just use Unreal engine 5 itself instead of a watered down version?

  10. Each person (Sypher,Courage,Ninja,TimtheTatman,and Nick Merks) should have their own poi

  11. You should get tg to work with you on the project

  12. Ninjas skin looks better in the thumbnail than in game😂

  13. I think more than anything there needs to be something fresh that makes the game different from what other games have brought forward without being frustrating. I think Fortnite achieved this with building, if their default was no build then they probably wouldn't have been as sucessful.

  14. What we the players want for creative is new content, galleries and props accessible to console players (xbox, and PlayStation) not just pc

  15. You haven’t told us jack shit in 2 WHOLE MONTHS

  16. Why is Nickmercs so tall in the thumbnail?

  17. i think it would be cool to see some swimable water and fire throwers

  18. I think movement the game needs good movement

  19. Bro really appreciate you putting in all this time and money for us and I really want to see a lot of movement cuz I really think like 80% of the battle royal games I play have no movement

  20. I think there should be a mood where it is not survival zombies, but putting waves of zombies out through the map as like a mood, trying to outlast other opponents with upgraded weapons, swords, and perks. TimTheTatman knows call of duty. He knows what I’m talking about.🙏😆

  21. I like a poi that's cool and strange and unique and fun good luck with your game I will play it

  22. I want bosses in the map the drop a chest full of mythics and some times maybe drops exotics

  23. it would be even better if nick was helping make this

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