Airsoft Battle Royale 3 -

Airsoft Battle Royale 3

Dude Perfect
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EPIC Airsoft Battle round 3!! Even more balloons, even more pops!
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“Brand New Thing”
Performed by ZAYDE WØLF
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Written by Dustin Burnett
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  1. I’m a fan of dude perfect but, I don’t like that blue team won because they won last time already ☹️

  2. You guys NEED to do an amazing Airsoft battle 4

  3. 4:29 i LoOkEd LiKe A bAcKuP qUaTeR bAcK fOr ThE BaLiTmOrE rAvEnS😂

  4. i do not think that team deathmatch is a battle royale

  5. Ok not to criticise but Garrett is blind firing at some times and he took his googles off that’s dangerous

  6. what are the odds that my three favorite dudes are on the same team? Go blue team!

  7. POV dude perfect when they run out of ideas: Real guns battle with indestructible armor battle

  8. the Tynado is running hard here 🤣🤣🤣

  9. How come no one is commenting on how fresh Cory looks!

  10. There just taking shots at Tyler Huntley dang sparky

  11. Ty: getting super intense, communicating like its a movie, and always looking for kills

    Garrett: just sitting in the spawn complaining about the heat

  12. i like the way they did ty to nomad for ghost recon wildlands and breakpoint

  13. Missed opportunity to have T portray Midas and call him Tydas 😂

  14. dude tyler is the guy who looks like he actually served in the military

  15. Bruh Coby just keep dying and dying at the end

  16. So crazy to think that these guys were going to quit at one point

  17. Bruh Coby can’t position himself properly to help the team

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