82 KILLS IN ONE ROUND 😱 NEW WORLD RECORD? | Call of Duty Mobile - mini-play.net


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  1. oh shit he wiped nearly half of the lobby by himself alone 🔥🔥

  2. my record for kills in BR is like 14. (not including teammates kills) you reached double that in 11 minutes 😭 you’re a beast!!!

  3. Maa chod diye hai aap to bhaiyya ji😱😂

  4. You’re strong when you’re lying

  5. @LotexYT any VPN server you recommend for me to get lower ms like between 30-60ms

  6. بچه ها یه ایرانی میگفت آناناس پیتزا ثانیه های آخر🤣

  7. Noob hacker…..worst player

  8. bro think he is a serial killer even though "this is game is not fair !"

  9. Sucks to move like this you need like 3 fingers

  10. If this is a world record than I already beaten it ….. I got a 104 kill game in a BR matchyours isn't a record sorry buddy, I'll post mines just for you tho

  11. Not a record!!!!!!!! I got you beat by 20 kills !!!!!! Stop lying to people

  12. Союз советских социальных. республик. says:

    why do you have endless bullets?

  13. Лотех
    Смотрю это снова и снова.. Твой талант безумно сильно. Я уважаю тебя. Желаю реального жизни у тебя било добра и счастья. Ты гений стрим играх. Ты безумно сильный 💪 и умный.
    С уважением Лайс 🛋️. Желаю тебе счастья и здоровья.

  14. Siempre es genial seguirte y verte jugar, espero que pueda tener ese nivel y transmitir como tu, algun dia, por ahora cargaré mis partidas en mi canal. Saludos para todos!

  15. Mi record personal son 17 muertes en una partida 😳 tu haces 5 veces mas muertes, es increible

  16. For thos who are new in this game because I still see a lot of people writing that
    First of all I didn’t say I dropped 82 Kills I said 82 Kills in one round so I count my team mates too
    + I have unlimited amo like everyone else in this lobby it’s called Custom Lobby you can customize the room settings
    Like having unlimited amo or for example 200HP
    Thanks for Watching and SANKS FOR THE SUPPORT ❤️🔥💪

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