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7 NEW Upcoming BATTLE ROYALE Games in 2018 (PS4 Xbox One Switch PC)

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In this video, we take a look at 7 NEW Upcoming BATTLE ROYALE Games in 2018. Which game are you the most interested in? Do you have games we might have missed? Comment your thoughts on the 7 Upcoming Battle Royale Games Coming in 2018!

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Games present in this list-

Islands of Nyne

The Darwin Project

Paladins Battlegrounds


Dying Light – Bad Blood

Crazy Justice

Project X

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  1. When will there be a full on dedicated Hunger Games actuall game no guns just melee weapons…the cunning is the closest one but involves guns and has a zone that shrinks

  2. Crazy justice has a shitty ballets sound effect other from being a bad reap off of fortnite, i would give a chance to Europa but still with a title like that?! It sounded bad from the first place

  3. The only game that I'm not hyped for is paladin's battlegrounds

  4. lol, i learned two things from this video: 1) there is nothing more gay than battle royale esport play by play, 2) Paladins Battlegrounds looks like arse 😀 ps – Europa looks just like Ring of Elysium that's being on Asian servers right now, same game? anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

  5. this genre will be dead AF in six months ..

  6. Im tired of hearing people say "Oh they ripped off pubg or fortnite". Battle Royal is now a genre. Just accept it people. pubg and fortnite only made the genre popular. Theres nothing wrong with it. At least some the games are putting new things in the genre like, shooting out lights in a face to face situation. Thats cool af.

  7. Holy shit E-sports is not only more cringeworthy than made up E-sports narration to sell games.

  8. Anyone know anything about Europa’s release date?

  9. Europa looks really good, but crazy justice looks like a fortnite ripoff

  10. I hope Europa comes to console that would be amazing

  11. Lol fortnite really got the gaming industry taking the survival route huh?

  12. If it ain’t pubg or fortnite it’s trash, well fortnite is trash.

  13. ring of elysium is so much shit,you can't open doors,you have infinite bullets,you can't pick up or drop anything,just don't waste your time

  14. Sorry, but any game with less than 50 players should not be considered Battle Royale, just FFA… At least that's how I see it.

  15. Paladin is moba c'est un moba pas un br lier.

  16. Europa looks good that I agree with but how many people will pay $60 for a game basically needing to spend even more money on micro transactions to get everything needed in the game now if its free to play and then i spend $60 in micro transactions then ok. But if you played Fornite or PubG then these games are pretty much the same and eventually you will get bored

  17. The FPS looks good. Seems like the proper way to do a battle royale.

  18. Europa is already out. It's called Ring of Elysium

  19. That cheap EUROPA game looks like a old single player SEGA game from 2001.. Just look at the shooting, the boats, and the car driving wtf and people getting hyped about crap like that? No wonder that Pubg and Fortnite are the "best" games we have nowadays.. sad

  20. Why isn’t anyone making one with bows, arrows, and swords, some parkour elements and tree climbing. Make the maps a little smaller and don’t start closing them so quickly or at all. This gun shit is old already

  21. Islands of nyne looks likes ARKs graphics and looks really good

  22. Please no more battle royale games, please stop. Sad reality is we won’t stop seeing these type of games until the next 10 years. There are a ton of battle royale games being made as we speak that haven’t gone public yet.

  23. I will like to see a battle royale games where it's set in prehistoric times/ earlymen where we would craft's our own weapons and hunt enemies in a thick jungle.

  24. Paladins battlegrounds has turned into realm royale

  25. You didn't put call of duty black ops 4 blackout

  26. For people wondering Europa is gonna be a PS4 game soon

  27. I want islands of nyne, Europea, and maybe crazy justice, and I would have to see gameplay of project x first unless its FREE! Let's hope all of these games are free!

  28. Hurry up with islands of nine i am sick of the rage on the broken ass pubg on the xbox one x!!!

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