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7 New Games January (2 FREE GAMES)

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January is here! It hardly has anything good! Check out some of these….

* Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction – Co-op Shooter – January 20th – PS4, PS5, PC, stadia
* God of War – Action Adventure – January 14th – PC
* Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection – Action Adventure – January 28th – PS5 PC TBC
* FREE GAME – PUBG – Battle Royale – PS, Xbox, PC
* FREE GAME – Matrix Awakes – Engine Demo – Shooter/exploration – PS5, Xbox Series
* FREE GAME DEMO – Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – RPG – PS, Xbox, PC and Switch
* FREE GAME – PS+ – Final Fantasy 7 Remake free PS4 to PS5 upgrade
* FREE GAME – REC ROOM – Social games -PS5 Update
* Windjammers 2 – Sports – PS4, PC, Switch, Xbox



  1. I don't even own a ps yet I'm watching this for some reason

  2. The Witcher 3 wild hunt has got to be my best game.

  3. I don't know if my ps5 can handle the matrix demo, it overheated a few times on Jurassic world evolution 2

  4. PC Gamers: Were finally getting those "exclusive Playstation games"
    Playstation Gamers: We beat those games years ago, enjoy paying $60 for games that go for $20.

  5. My favourite has to be the 2018 Spidey game. I’m just a huge Spider-Man fanboy.

  6. Either one of the playstation spider man games, they were so well made can't wait for the next one

  7. Honestly, Ape escape. Still a better game than most games these days. I believe they could make more ape escape stuff and it would still sell! ^-^

  8. cant wait for February, you are not gonna get me off elden ring

  9. Dying light has to be my favorite game, has a special spot in my heart

  10. As a long time PlayStation fan especially because of god of war pc is getting a treat with that one

  11. Honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played is days gone it’s so good. The gameplay , story and graphics are so underestimated.

  12. hollow knight love hollow knight try it please

  13. Greatest game I've ever played has to be God of War ps4. I wasn't a gamer who liked hard stuff in videos until recently but despite that, I still loved the game. The weapons, design and story are just wow. Not bad for my first God of War game.

  14. Either twilight princess , uncharted 4, or super Mario galaxy

  15. I really hope PUBG on ps4 has keyboard and mouse compatible

  16. Free games on January is a bummer i was hoping that tom classy or blood hunt would come out

  17. God of War is the greatest ps 5 and division 2

  18. This guy has the best voice for these videos.

  19. Will pubg on PlayStation be able to play with mobile?

  20. Greatest game I've ever played? Titanfall 2

  21. Greatest game ever played I played over 200 games resident evil 7 my favorite forever I do NOT care abt ur opinion on the game its my favorite still after all these years

  22. I think before Ubisoft makes another game they should add cross platform for seige

  23. The greatest game series for me… And even my family knows… If im in by room im likely replaying borderlands…. And specifically borderlands 2

  24. Idk what to pick but I love the assassin's creed franchise and far cry 6 and gta5 story mode

  25. Spider-Man easily both of them besides Ghost of Tsushima there the only games I have ever got the platinum trophy for

  26. The new spider man games are my favourite

  27. If i claimed uncharted 4 via psplus and then buy uncharted legacy of thieves, will my save game still can be loaded in ps5 upgraded version?

  28. The best game I’ve ever played is either god of war or spider man

  29. The greatest game I ever played is Metal Gear Solid Snake eater.

  30. Greatest game goes to the last of us, even after the salty taste left in my mouth from the second one the first last of us was phenomenal in its story telling and grittiness

  31. Ανδρεάδης Σγουρεαδης says:

    Since you asked my favourite game is ghost of Tsushima but my my favourite series is mass effect

  32. Mainly a JRPG player, although I have spent way too may hours chilling in Stardew Valley, so I am going with the Persona 5 series (Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal, and Persona 5 Strikers).

  33. best game ever played is little nightmares 2


  35. The first 2 infamous games were what I grew up with and they were what brought back the ps3, it’s just a great series in general. If you owned a ps3 and didn’t have these games you missed out cause infamous second son wasn’t as good as the ps3 originals

  36. Any of you know when Spider-Man will come to Ps now again?

  37. The best game i ever played was god hand

  38. I Think my favorite game has to be Ghost of Tsushima, the weeb part of me is just really into samurai stuff

  39. I'm going to cut out the part about the Dragonball Z free demo version. I don't think I made it clear enough it's a demo.

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