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7 games that need a Battle Royale mode – IAN’S PREDICTIONS

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Fornite Battle Royale and GTA Online Battle Royale have already launched, so what;s next? Undoubtedly these two PUBG gameplay clones are just the tip of the iceberg so what other games could potentially have a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds inspired gameplay mode added to them? Here are Ian Higton’s predictions.

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  1. Max Payne anyone? They would have to make a map for it though.

  2. Dude You missed battlefield 4 and battlefield 5!

  3. I think a star wars battle royale mode would be awesome

  4. I can’t imagine any of those games having a battle Royale, but then again, I couldn’t imagine fortnite having a battle Royale either, but it works.

  5. I’d like a battle Royale on battlefront, every map is ginormous, not enough for a hundred players, but ginormous.

  6. 100 Player free for all Modas make it happen Lol/Dota/Heroes of the Storm or a new one.

  7. Uncharted would be the best for battle royal

  8. Damn I love the last of us so much and I never thought about it being a Battle Royale game mode until now hahah good idea

  9. A Skyrim battle royale would be cool and probably very slow paced seeing as how big the map is.

  10. i feel like almost any boots on ground cod game could work with a battle royale

  11. Fallout 4 would make a great Battle Royale game.

  12. Blizzard needs to make a battle royale game

  13. I love Just Cause and Ghost Recon Wildlands

  14. Battlefield 1 should have a battle Royale gamemode

  15. I would suggest Warframe, Cod, and star wars Battlefront…But no one asked for my opinion, so………

  16. I want one made by the teams that make GTA, Call of duty, Battlefield to all make BG games.

  17. Imagine a Zelda BOTW battle royale like the eventide island, that would be great. A MGS 5 mod could be good, maybe the next metal gear survive have something similar

  18. do any of the games listed in this video need a BR mode? no, none whatsoever. i still think arma2 and 3 had the best battle royale experience ive played so far, but i havent tried fortnite or pubg yet. and i feel knda bad for fortnite, they had this cool idea for a game and then everyone just buys their game for the BR mode.

  19. I hope you guys know that PUBG was'it the firt batte royale game

  20. A pubg clone really? Pubg isnt anywhere close to original battle royal was a japan movie made in the early 2000's plus you also have many games made before

  21. Splatoon 2 royal battle would be awesome!

  22. 1.Doom
    2.a Star Wars bounty hunter or create your own

  23. Uncharted 4 would be dang cool, killing floor two as well


  25. Whyd he say "pubg inspired" pubg came from H1Z1…..

  26. Red dead redemption 2 has a very big map it would be awsome

  27. I do want a Sniper elite 4 Battle royale,
    But a BF1 Battle royale could be insane!

  28. Ubisoft should adds Battle Royale mode for Far Cry series

  29. Forget tlou2 loll. But ghost recon could be really cool.

  30. No no more battle Royale games there are enough

  31. At least we know someone likes third person on battle Royales lol. I want Far Cry 5 and maybe BF5 to have battle royales.

  32. Ghost recon wildlands. Mgs5 if the online still survives, no pun intended..

  33. If I want battle royal I'll play pubg or fortnite. Not wanting it in battlefield or cod

  34. 4 doesn't sense because one of the core elements behind Plunkbat etc is the shrinking map. Now imagine you get an ever shrinking *sea*… where in the end you don't really have space left to maneuver.

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